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Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney's Newest Attraction

The weather was perfect at Disney.
Isn't it always that way?
(A bit of foreshadowing here)

We got up early one morning for Magic Kingdom Magic Hours.
8:00 AM- in the park and ready to go.
8:00 AM does not (normally) exist in my world.

But we were at Disney and I was not going to miss getting there an hour before the rest of the world!
(For those that don't know, if you stay in a hotel on Disney property they offer Magic Hours at certain parks on certain days.  Only on-site guests can go at these times.)

We rode the Tea Cup ride about 10 times- in a row.

Then my parents and sister came (all the way from Switzerland!) to join us!

The boat ride from the Wilderness Lodge directly to Magic Kingdom is beyond fabulous.

One day I thought we had lost my older daughter and she told me she wasn't worried a bit.  She just planned on taking the boat back to the hotel.
At some point.
No worries!

Yep, that's us.
Something about the Buzz Lightyear ride makes us ridiculous.:)

It's not easy taking pictures backward on the race cars.
Had to do it, though.

I took quite a few.:)

One ride I will NEVER go on.

It was even hot this day.
It's always nice in Florida, right?
(more foreshadowing)

Alladin ride.
Love, love, love it.
Camels spitting on your unsuspecting neighbors that have never ridden before.
Press the scarab button, my friends.
Just not on me.

That sky is getting a bit ominous, don't you think?

Here we go!  
The new attraction I was telling you about.

They don't even have a name for it yet.
You have to go to the Fire Station (at the entrance to Magic Kingdom) and ask about it.
There is a sign saying "Sorcerers Wanted" but you walk right past it on Main Street.

When you sign up the give you a set of 5 Super Cool Cards with characters on them
TIP: If you sign up as a Team of 1 (instead of a team with 3, 4, or more people) person you will each get 5 cards.  There is a maximum of 5 cards per Team.  Get it?  More teams, more cards.  They will be selling them in the shops soon.

You also get a map to show you where the quests are and a key (Mom is holding key in above picture)

Quick stop at Pooh Bear's House.
Darling play area for the kids- and grown ups!
Almost better than the ride!

Great place to hang out when it's raining.
Hint, hint...

The above picture shows the medallion you will look for when doing your quests.  You are attempting to defeat the villains that are trying to take over the Magic Kingdom.  My older daughter defeated them all. Yes, m'am!  Yzma, Scar, chunky guy in Pocahontas (name??), Jafar, Sea Witch, Malificent, etc. and ultimately Hades from Hercules.    

You are given clues by way of pictures around the park and when you find the location, you use your key on the "lock".  (You press the key card to the lock.)  Then magically a picture appears in a window (shown above).  It's quite impressive!

You keep going from location to location until you have completed your mission.
What's really neat is when you get the information you need the picture/movie completely disappears!

Oh, yes!
You use the cards to cast a spell on the villains!
You can choose any cards you like (sometimes you need more than one).  The card dictates what happens.  For example, if you use the Cinderella card, pumpkins (like Cinderella's carriage) fall on the villain.  Clever!

Picture of the lock that you use your card key on.

This was the weather during our last day...
and then a storm struck.

Oh my goodness!  It was so COLD!

But it was our last night and Magic Kingdom was open until midnight.
Yep, we stayed.
How could we not?

Still smiling even though it was frigid.
Disney just does that to ya.


Sheri said...

what adorable pics. I especially love the Buzz Light Year Pic :) So glad you had such a wonderful time with your family!

Tristan said...

LOOOOOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

Loved seeing all of your pictures! Please tell me that you've gone on Space Mountain before! I don't like roller coasters, but I LOVE Space Mountain...so much FUN!!! It feels like you're flying through space! WHEEEE!!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I enjoyed each and every one of these 'magical' pictures from Disney. The new game sounds lots of fun, glad you got to be pioneers for it. I am assuming you get to keep the cards which will be a great momento. I loved seeing your sister and parents enjoying their time with you too. Disney really does have something for everyone, even a scaredy cat like me! I will not be going on Space Mountain either!
It seemed really weird to us when it was cold at Disney during out 2nd visit. We stood shivering when we watched the Epoct fireworks. People were going into 'Mexico' and buying mexican blankets to keep warm! Katie looks like she could be in England with all her layers and raincoat!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! What great memories you guys made.