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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Come to the Party!

I had the most wonderful evening at the above "Friendship" Facebook Party!
Are you wondering what a Facebook Party is?
(She keeps posting about them but WHAT exactly is it??)
Cause, you know, you guys can come to these parties, too.;)

It's just like a normal party except you can wear your pajamas and you get to chat with fabulous authors.:)
Last night I chatted with Nicole Seitz, who wrote Beyond Molasses Creek.
It just happens to be my current favorite book.
If you check out my review here, you will see I am telling the truth.:)

Did I mention they have great PRIZES at these parties, too?
I have won books, French wall hangings, and more.

This is where it gets good!
Stay with me.

             Last night I won the Book Club Package and a Skype 
        Chat with Nicole Seitz!

                   Yes, I did!!!  But, I don't have a Book Club.  
             So, here's the deal...
                Free (Fabulous!) book.
             Skype Chat with awesome Nicole Seitz.
             Who's In?

*Only enter if you are willing to read the book and attend the Skype chat session. 
 (How often do you get to chat with a famous author and ME??)

         Leave a comment.  That's it.
         *And, oh yeah, you must be a follower of my blog.*;) 

               Can't wait to see who will join me!  

              *I will randomly choose names on March 1, 2012.:)*


michelle edwards joy said...

I want to! Do you have a date for the party? Monday evenings are bad for me.

Shawnee H said...

I'd love this -- do you have a date set, though? Timing might work against me.

Lindsay-ann said...

I am so happy you won this Lori and I will take part if I can :) So exciting.

Lindsay-ann said...

I am so happy you won this Lori and I will take part if I can :) So exciting.

Tristan said...

how cool!!!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I can read and skype... :)