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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wilderness Lodge and Epcot

Club level (7th floor) at the Wilderness Lodge in Disney is a worthwhile splurge.  
You will be spoiled!
Complimentary breakfast, afternoon snacks, wine and cheese hours, evening desserts, and wi-fi.
Remember, Lindsay?:)

Off to Epcot!
Donald in Mexico!

One of my favorites!

Free Drinks at Club Cool! Yes, I said FREE at Epcot!
Sample sodas from around the world!

You're never too old to visit with characters at Disney.
It's amazing how much you will believe they are the "real deal".
They are that good!

Outside the Nemo ride.
Never a line and fun for all ages.
You ride in a clam shell.:)

After Nemo, be sure to visit the manatees and deep sea fish.  The aquarium is huge!  You can even eat dinner at the Coral Reef restaurant and encounter sharks, stingrays, etc. while you dine.  Cool.

Watch Father Knows Best (loved that show!) and other old time tv shows on your personal TV, enjoy Pot Roast, Boston Cream Pie Parfaits and crazy waiters.
I got in trouble for texting at the table and our waiter insisted on singing the dessert menu to us.
You won't forget dining here!

Best shop in Epcot.
We spent quite a long time choosing a kimono and, as you can see, my daughter loved every minute of it.:)

The shop is quite large and there is truly something for everyone.
The ladies are absolutely charming, too.

Late night, after the fireworks.
We were all exhausted but look at those smiles!

Still a bit of energy left!

Love these kids.:)

Can't wait to tell you about a new, and very awesome, event at the Magic Kingdom!  We were one of the first to try it out!

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Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
I loved seeing these pictures so much. Looks like you had lots and lots and lots of fun at Disney with the Scavos. Yes I do remember the special time we shared with you at the Wilderness Lodge Club Level thanks to Katie. We have wonderful memeories of sitting relaxing with you all up there and eating all the treats :) My favorite picture has to be Mandy in the kimono she looks fantastic in it. Yes the Japan shop is amazing. The first time we went there we spent far too much!