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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reading Eggs- TOS review

Reading Eggs is an engaging online program that introduces children to the world of reading.  Created especially for ages 3-7, it offers games, stories and more that teach and encourage kids to want to come back again and again.  The alphabet, phonics and even simple stories are presented in a way that makes learning fun. 

The picture above is part of the initial testing that your child will encounter.  This is done so that your little one will be placed exactly where they need to be.  Nothing too simple or too complicated which saves time and discourages frustration.  Love that.  

Learning is through play, as you can see from the above picture.  My daughter LOVED this program and asked to come back and play again and again! Since she is 9, I placed her in Reading Eggspress, which is another part of Reading Eggs World.  Reading Eggspress is created for older children- ages 7-12.  It encourages advanced reading and reinforces comprehension, dictionary skills, alphabetical order, drawing conclusions, finding the main idea in a paragraph and more!

In Reading Eggspress your child creates a person to represent themselves and through games and reading they earn eggs which can be used for clothes, pets, furnishings in their home (they get one of those too!) and more.  My daughter's favorite game was Quote Quest.  Using clues and an online map she discovered words that completed quotes from books.  It was kind of like a treasure hunt and I loved playing it with her!:)

I was really impressed with all that Reading Eggs has to offer.  I love that it is created for ages 3-12 so that your children are constantly challenged to learn more.  

Reading Eggs offers a free 2 week trial here.  If you are hooked (as my daughter is) you can purchase a 1 month membership for $9.95, a 6 month membership for $49.95 or a 12 month membership for $75.00.  If you have an additional child that would like to enroll, too, their cost is half the cost of your first child.

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*I was given a free trial membership to Reading Eggs in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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