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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tiaras, Alligator Turtles and Tacos on the Run

A tiara is appropriate attire when a young lady dines at the castle.
Yes, we had reservations.:)

We were on our way to Florida.
And Cinderella was expecting us.

There are 2 pictures of the plane because I am showing you how brave I am.
Normally I have sweaty palms and count down the minutes until we land.
It is pretty, though, don't ya think?

We hit the ground running as we had a lot to do!
My parents were waiting at the airport for us (because they are amazing like that).
We had the Super Bowl, Downton Abbey, Alligator Turtle stories, Anthropologie, Yogurtland, Ybor City and more on our To Do List!

Don't forget the Taco Bus!
Such a unique and yummy stop!

We weren't the first ones to eat here.:)

Chicken Soft Tacos and an ice cold Coke.
Perfect for Florida weather.
(Unless all the tacos wipe out while you are driving in your sister's VW convertible.)
We had to eat on the run.  SO much to do in so little time!

Then we hit the most delicious Colombian bakery.
I wanted 2 of everything.

My girls were sweet enough to let me try their Custard Horn.
I do believe I heard the Hallelujah chorus!  It was *that* good.

Then we drove by the Colombia restaurant.
My parents love it there.

 Sheri and I have a lunch date here the next time I am in town.:)

Anthropologie was next!
It was my first visit and now I see what all the talk is about!

Eye candy all around....

The colors are easy on the eyes but not so much on the wallet.
That's what makes it special, though.

Happy letters!

These curtains are swoonlicious!

How about these knobs?  They match our tiaras.
Still swooning?

There was an old fashioned typewriter at Anthropologie that my sweetie was intrigued by.
Kit had one of those, you know.

So, my sweet Mom found the one she had at home.
This little girl happily typed away through the whole Super Bowl!

The next day held more adventures!
My Dad took the girls canoeing!

This is us before our adventure to the Taco Bus.:)
(Think there may still be a bit of lettuce on the floor.  tee hee)

We were even there for National Yogurt Day!
Yes, there is actually a day devoted to frozen yogurt.
Yogurtland gave away all you wanted- with toppings!
Crazy- in a very, very good way.

Next stop, the Gaylord Palms Hotel!


Angel said...

Looks like tons of fun!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
My head is spinning, you packed so much into your couple of days! I loved seeing your Mom and Dad enjoying their time with you all. mmmmmm the Colombian bakery looked soooooo good and Anthrapolgie definitely my kind of place :)
Thanks for sharing your picture, I loved them. Can't wait to see The Gaylord Palms ;)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like you all had the best time ever! Looking forward to hearing more!

Tristan said...

I just want to cry just thinking about eating at cinderellas castle..oh my word..not crying of jealousy..just pure joy..haha..amazing!!!
(and i'm going to need help plannig our disney trip..it will be 2014 now but hopefully next year ..super bummed..but it will happen!!!!!)

looks like so much fun!!!!

ugh.before we got a computer like everyone else in my school!!! i had to write a whole report on a type writer..it was so hard..ha..and then the teacher didn't except it because the lines weren't perfect..ugh..i still don't like that teacher..lol.

Fran. said...

Such a beautiful post!! Love those smiles on the girls face!!! What fun!!! Great pics from the plane!! But to high up for me!! LOL XO LOve, Fran.