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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Mysterious Genome Blog Tour

Many believers don’t understand the importance DNA has on their everyday routines. Healthy lifestyles--and healthy spiritual lives--are very much related to the epigenome, the control system of the cell. It’s time for Christians to learn the amazing and mysterious benefits of understanding what lies beyond DNA.In this creative and inventive treatment, authors Thomas E. Woodward and James P. Gills take readers on an exploration of the human epigenome. Acting as tour guides leading visitors through a 3-D model of a human cell, Woodward and Gills bring to life the human molecular makeup. Readers (as visitors) will get up close and personal with the minute details of human molecular structure, including E. coli, flagellum, a DNA helix, an RNA molecule, and more. By seeing it with their own eyes, readers will gain a better understanding of their genetic systems and a better appreciation for the Creator who put this all into place.
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of understanding epigenetic information is the potential to proactively reprogram the human epigenome to allow for improved physical and spiritual health. Readers will discover how epigenetic damage can lead to rare forms of cancer and other ailments and how improved healthy lifestyles can cure the epigenomes, preventing the communication of hereditary setbacks to future generations. “Our hope,” write the authors “is that this book will be but the start of an awe-inspiring journey.

My Thoughts:

The Mysterious Epigenome provides an interesting look into the human cell and DNA.  It also introduced me to the genome and epigenome, both of which I had never heard of before.  The epigenome is "the multilayered, tightly coordinated, adaptable genetic control system that holds the key for improving human life".  

I was fascinated by the knowledge that we are influenced by our DNA but that the genome and epigenome also play a large part.  We can help to control our health and the health of our children, grandchildren, etc. through our epigenome.  Wow.  Test results with rats have shown that, "something as subtle as a nutritional change in the pregnant mother rat could have such a dramatic impact on the gene expression of the baby".  "Caring for one's epigenetic health, especially during childhood, youth, and child-bearing years, can help to contribute to epigenetic health-and the overall health- of generations to come".  There have also been studies done in older adults. "There is some evidence that certain kinds of drugs may be useful in altering the epigenetic processes involved in aging". This means there is the potential for a longer life span.  There is hope for all of us!

These are the four basic health guidelines that promote epigenetic health:

1) Don't Smoke. Smoking does extensive epigenetic damage.  
2) Have a Healthy Diet rich in methyl-donor foods. (Examples: Spinach, Asparagus, Egg Yolks, Whole Milk, Chicken, Tuna, Whole Grains)
3) Keep a Positive Mental Attitude- This helps you to handle stressful situations once they arise.
4) Exercise

Not only are these good rules for a healthy life they also contribute to epigenetic health.  It's incredible to learn that we have more control over our life (and future generations) than we once thought!

You can purchase The Mysterious Epigenome here.

Read an excerpt of the book here

*I received a copy of The Mysterious Epigenome from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was given.*