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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bathing Suit Blues

   I got my Land's End catalog the other day and it reminded me that it was that time of year again.  The time that I realize I did not lose all the weight that I wanted to lose and yet I still want to have fun at the beach.  sigh.  I need your input, if you don't mind.  Do you think I should buy the skirted suit or the tank suit?  I have never bought a skirted suit but I like the look of this one. Hmmm..  I love the contrasting white and black and it is supposed to "draw the eye up", as opposed to down to where the bulges in the middle and lower half live!  double sigh.  Well, we shall see.  Either way I will have fun at the beach!
    On another note, I am in love with the fun "croc like" shoes pictured!  I think I may get a pair of the pink or orange (maybe both!) ones.  You can even wash them!  Land's End always has great items.
   I went to TJ Maxx today.  Don't you LOVE that place??  I certainly do.  I found a darling straw hat that I plan on wearing at the beach with my new suit.  Hats are so stylish and fun, plus they protect your from the sun.  It's a win/win situation!  Perhaps this year I will not be the "Burn Queen".:-)


joyfullness said...

I definitely like the skirted variety..as i would never want to draw attention to my lower around the middle section...I got my first skirt bottom this year and just love it... i paired it with a top that actually could be worn with just a pair of shorts... i am such a pear...so i am trying to look more like a square... not having the top be too tight fitting allowed for there to be not too drastic of a difference from top to bottom...if you get what i mean...anyway... a hat is a must... and the biggest beach bag you can find!! Have fun.. i can smell the sunscreen already!!

SmallWorld said...

I love the skirted one. I've been folding down corners in the Lands End swim suit catalog for weeks now...

The Dragovich 5 said...

I personally would go for the skirted one. I am always trying to hide my tights. Summer / swimsuit time is always a reality check, yuck!

I personally think our bodies sure get better with age and child bearing!

Lisa said...

I am voting for the skirted one. I have never owned one yet, but last year 3 months after delivering baby number 5 when we went to the beach, I just kept my shorts on to hide the belly. I think a skirted suit would've been easier.

Anonymous said...

Go for the skirt one its the nices't .from sesga xx