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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Package from Mom

       My Mom sent me a package the other day (top) and look what was inside!!!  Tons and tons AND tons of fabulous ribbon, satin flowers and a fun book!  She discovered a ribbon outlet (with UNHEARD OF prices!) in Maryland and, being the smart and creative lady that she is, she stocked up!  Thanks Mom for sharing.:-)  What should I make first?!
  I also had some fun at Hobby Lobby last week (bottom).  They have the best sales!  I got all this crafty goodness for 50% off!  The scrapbook paper was only 18 cents a piece since they were discontinuing the patterns.  Gotta love it!  Plus, I have now discovered "fun" brads.  No longer will I use the plain old ones from yester year!  No sir, I am going to have some fun!  Check out the pink and green ones in the picture that look like buttons- yummy!


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a lovely surprise to have received from your Mom. My mom is always sending me craft items also.
Have a wonderful day.


mrsmorris said...

Only one word for all those goodies. And the word is: YUMMY!!!

joyfullness said...

Dontcha just love packages from MOM!! ahhh..i even like the way the stuff smells...cause she was just near it looking into the package just before me.... knowing i would love what i saw!!!

BlessedUtopia said...

i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous (sure hope i'm spelling jealous right...cause...) i'm jealous i'm jealous i'm jealous

Allison said...

What a great box to get in the mail!
Have fun with all your scrapbooking stuff!

blessedme said...

Oh, what an awesome surprise and yes, hon you hit it big at the hobby lobby. I want a hobby lobby!

Anonymous said...

I came across from Rolandas blog I will call back again
love from sesga xx