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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Nights

    We will be at the beach in less than a month!  I can't wait to see the ocean again as I miss it terribly.  At the end of our beach vacations I always have to take a moment for one last look.  It may sounds silly, but it's something I do.  I love the sound of the waves crashing, the taste of the salt on my lips, the gorgeous seashells that are ours for the taking, and the way I feel at the end of the day- healthier and energized but exhausted at the same time.  I suppose I fell in love with the ocean when I was little.  Each summer, my parents would rent a beach house with some friends for a week.  I don't remember ever watching TV, but I do remember catching crabs after dark, playing charades, sleeping in bunk beds, body surfing, shopping for souvenirs and getting a great suntan!  One summer my Dad went for a swim and saw a hammerhead shark.  I think he could have walked on water he was so scared!  Then there were the summers we got to see "Grease" and "Star Wars" at the drive-in.  Such great memories.
    This year I can't wait to look for seashells, take lots of pictures, have bonfires on the beach- with s'mores!, read some great books, eat tons of fresh shrimp, stay up late watching movies and visiting, and the list goes on...  Maybe this year we will go on a dolphin watching cruise?  Play tennis? Find sea glass??  No matter what we decide to do, I know we will make some wonderful memories.  


BlessedUtopia said...

I could not be any more jealous than I am at this very moment!!! We were going to go visit my step-mom and dad in Hawaii this year but decided it would make much more finacial sense to go next. :( Have SO much fun and take a ridiculous amount of pictures to share!!!

Allison said...

Going to the beach sounds fun! I want to take my girls to the beach. I'd like to go to one off South or North Carolina. Where do you go?

It sounds like you have some wonderful memories.

blessedme said...

Your dd sounds so much like mine. She is attached to her Ipod, loves her books, but for her upcoming birthday asked for christian music cds and a lot of times I go and check in her room on her and she's laying on the floor reading her bible. God has His hand on her.

Kemma said...

Take me with you!

Kemma said...

ryn: When we took the band to Disneyland last week, we left the school at 1:20pm (on the tour buses), and pulled into the hotel right around 10pm. So it's not exactly a day-trip sort of place, but easily get-to-able.

Lisa said...

I LOVE the beach too! It is my favorite place to go on vacation. We are going to Galveston TX to the beach there at the end of June. I can't wait!! Where are you going?

The Dragovich 5 said...

Can I go? Really! I miss the beach. Growing up in Michigan we spent many Saturday's at the beach. I love the warm sand between my toes, the breeze cooling me off, building drip sand castles.

Maybe this summer for a change year it will actually be warm when we visit Michigan!