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Monday, April 7, 2008

Going "Green"

We have been making an effort to go "green" at our house.  We have always recycled but are excited about new ways of helping the environment.  We are planning not to use pesticides on our weeds and plants this year.  It will mean more work in the garden for us (more achy legs) but we will see more butterflies and bees (getting a little worried about those honey makers..) and not have to worry about chemicals on our fruits and veggies.  
    I am also starting to purchase "green" cleaners.  I'm anxious to see how effective they are...  (If you feel like splurging, Lavender Pine cleaner by Caldrea smells AMAZING!)  I clipped an article out of "Life: Beautiful" on cleaning with household items such as baking soda, white vinegar, and lemons.  I am going to try cleaning this way, also, and compare the results.  I love the idea of using a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean- so simple!  And the smell disappears after the mixture dries.:-)
   Don't forget to use the other side of your printer paper.  I can't imagine how much paper has been wasted over the years by people just using one side.  With home schooling I make lots of copies, but I now use the back of the papers that I don't need.  Then, if I can, I shred them and
use them for mailing packages.  Colored paper looks so festive!
   Paper towel rolls, egg cartons, etc. are also great for crafts.  Keep a few on hand for a rainy day!  You can get great craft ideas on the internet!:-)  Have fun using these ideas in your home.  As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."


BlessedUtopia said...

Two things...give me the scoop on the Lavender Pine cleaner...where? And YES..I was actually doing a google search last night trying to find a place close by that's having a sale...nada. Where? What time?! Do I have enough money in my bank account or do I need to take out a loan?!!? ;)

mysteryhistorymom said...

I used to order Lavender Pine by Caldrea through drugstore.com, but I'm not sure that they still carry it. It is pricey, but you will WANT to clean your house. It smells that good! Lori

blessedme said...

Ohhh...I just found caldrea hand soaps, I'm in LOVE. I will have to see if drugstore.com has it or check on ebay. We are also going green. I'm switching over to "green" cleaners, I pick them up at trader joes right now. Great minds think alike!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Drugstore.com does have Caldrea cleaners and right now they are offering a gift with purchase, too! Enjoy!:-) Lori

Mandy said...

I seen some of these on Oprah. I've been thinking about them myself lately. I might have to switch over to them. Hugs!!

Kemma said...

Ooh! I just went to Caldrea.com, and discovered that there's a local store that carries their stuff. Lavender is my new favourite scent. It was everywhere when we were in France, and it always reminded me of Nana and Poppa's house. Now I want my house to smell like it, too! Whee.