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Monday, April 14, 2008


   I watch Katie doing gymnastics and I wonder how it is possible.  I NEVER in my life accomplished a cartwheel- neither did Jeff.  You do the math.  She just learned how to do a round off tonight and she is working on a one handed cartwheel.  Wow.  I watch and am absolutely amazed at her ability.  The last time I remember doing (attempting would be a better word) gymnastics was in high school.  Two of my friends were my "spotters".  You know, the people that were supposed to save you from yourself?  I wanted SO badly to accomplish a handstand and their job was to catch my legs in the air.  Simple, right?  Well, they decided that moment was a perfect time to chat instead.  I took a deep breath and up my legs went.  Then, down my legs went.  In fact, I went completely over and landed on my back.  BAM!  I heard someone scream, "She broke her neck!"  Thank goodness I just had the wind knocked out of me.  Nope, Katie did not get her gymnastics gift from me.  

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SmallWorld said...

I can so relate to that! I remember watching in amazement as my daughter actually DID things, gracefully, in gymnastics!!