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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anne and Gilbert

   Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.  What a romance....  I also love Anne's "kindred spirit" friend, Diana.  I am a lot like her.  I wish I could be more adventurous like Anne.  Remember when Diana (unintentionally) got drunk on cherry cordial?  And who could forget Merilla and Matthew?  I just about cry when I think of how shy Matthew was and how he went into town to buy the dress with "puffed sleeves" for Anne.  Oh, he adored her.  

   What is your favorite part of the story?  Please share.:)


Katrina said...

favorite part was when Diana got drunk and Anne didn't know what was going on, and got in trouble. But then I was so sad because they were kept apart. =)

Ruth Ann said...

You're sooo sweet! I can't wait to receive my pay it forward goodie! I'll let you know when it arrives! And thanks for the birthday wishes!
Have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann

Artfulife said...

Oh my goodness! I love every single one of them. How could you choose just one part? Megen Follows did a perfect job of playing Anne. I had a secret crush on Gilbert. I hope the read these books to Sloan in the next year or so. I love it! I had forgotten about this series.

Tristan said...

OMG, I was sooo happy when I seen this title!!

I LOVE anne,love,love,love,love!!!
Because Anne without an e is not a name at all..lol!

Oh, my fav. part..geez, I just don't even know..I love alllll of it! I found the dvd pack of alll the movies at sam's club for like $50..I begged the hubby..but came out empty headed. Now that I have a messed up foot maybe he'll let me have them!!

Mother Hood said...

I LOVE Ann(with an E)! Thank you for that post! I guess I'm not the only Anne fan. I'd love to go to P.E.I. someday!

Rachel Berry said...

Favorite part?!?! What!!!

I LOVED♥LOVED the whole movie (both) and still do. I own them on DVD and watch them all the time. Although I have to say the
3rd one I will not buy. It just wasn't the same for me.

Man now I wanna go and watch me some Anne & Gill.... :)


Elise said...

I don't think I have a favorite part!! I love it all!! I did think it was funny when Anne and Diana jumped on that bed and the old(er) lady was in it!! :)
I'm with Artfulife...I, too, had a crush on Gilbert!! That was one fine guy!!

Anonymous said...

ooh my word! I LOVE ANNE. I have this movie 2 parts on VHS! I have been looking for it in a DVD form tho! Haven't found it yet! But I do not have a *Favorite part for I adored the whole movie!! And Was praying that these two would get together!! I want to get the whole set!!

Sherri said...

I love the Avonlea series and just the whole Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea story! I agree with Katrina, I thought the Diana getting drunk part was pretty funny! I love all the "hot" and "cold" moments between Anne and Gilbert-they were so cute! My girls grew up watching Avonlea on TV and we still have all the VHS tapes. One year we went to Williamsburg and they had to buy "Anne" hats so they could play her at home!

Robin Beck said...

I have never seen or heard about this movie! Where have I been in a fall out shelter all these years? It sounds wonderful Lori!