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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bag Tag

   Sweet Ruth Ann tagged me!  I need to share the purse that I used today and it's contents.  Here is my purse:

   I got it last year for Valentine's Day and I truly love it.  Jeff bought it for me because he told me I deserve the best.  He is such a dear husband and my best friend.:)  I usually buy my purses at TJ Maxx because I can get so much more for my money.  I would NEVER spend this much money on a purse for myself and I was so completely touched that he would indulge me like this!
   Here are the contents of my purse:
   Make-up and rubber bands...  Do you think I have enough lipstick and gloss??

  My wallet (Mother's Day gift), watch, earrings, my phone, and tons of Splenda packets (I don't care for Sweet and Low)...

   I had one more picture that showed seashells, bobby pins and a button.  Where is the picture???
   Oh well....  I tag Val, Heather, Elise, and Jes !


Tristan said...

pretty purse!!

I have about the same amount of lipgloss..you can never have enough, ya know?

Thanks for praying for craig. He is my hubby's best friend and one of mine as well. We pray nothing happens to him...we've had enough heart-ache already this year.

Ruth Ann said...

I am soo jealous! I absolutely LOVE your purse and the matching wallet! Too perfect! I wish my husband had that great of taste!
Thanks for sharing!
-Ruth Ann

Artfulife said...

Your purse is soooo clean! I'm jealous. Mine had a smal kids pair of underwear in it the other day....what? I also found a razor and some q-tips....what? I must have forgotten to clean it out after our Christmas trip. My life is just crazy...must...simplify!

Kati said...

I LOVE your purse!! Ii am a coach addict!

Kati said...

I LOVE your purse!! Ii am a coach addict!

Elise said...

I will do this shortly. Looks like fun!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful purse!!! I'm glad you didn't tag me...it's full of Michael's and Joann's coupons and probably Archiver coupons! It always looks so messy!

Have a great day!

Yarni Gras! said...

hah! I got tagged by Marcel too...I'll post mine later this week...my bag is fine but the insides, omgosh, what a junk heap!

Unknown said...

You can NEVER have too much lipstick and lipgloss :->
And what a pretty purse you have.

Lindsay-ann said...

I loved seeing your beautiful purse and contents. I am so pleased nobody has tagged me with this because mine is a mess!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Wonderful purse and matching wallet! Seashells?? Would love to know the story behind those!