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Friday, April 23, 2010

Yellow Box, Nancy Drew and Smiles...

Oh my goodness! Now I know why everyone is wearing these! Yellow Box Flip-flops are like walking on a cloud! I now own a sparkly pair and a polka dot pair. It was hard to stop at two!
Today was such fun! Great friends, fun shopping and yummy food! What could be better?

I love cutie pies that will pose/smile for me.

That one on the left looks familiar.... I think she has surpassed her smile quota.

Lunch at the English Tea Room was fun. We even had scones, Lindsay!

This week was the last week for co-op classes. My little Nancy Drew detectives exchanged their swap gifts and their creativity amazed me!

Something to remember our time together.:)

I love these kids...

and them, too.:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plantar Fascilitis

For years I lived in Keds. A new pair of white canvas Keds was perfect with so many things. Then, I graduated to K Swiss in college. Do they even still make those? I saw a pair on someone during my metro commute and I was in love. Well today I graduated to New Balance. The reason? I'm old and in pain. Yes, I went at it too hard during my nightly walks. Sad, I know. Go ahead and have a little giggle. It all started a few weeks ago when the bottom of my foot started to hurt. Well, being a Mom I just kept going. After all- No pain, no gain. So now I have heel pain (When I bend over it feels like someone is ripping the skin off my heel. Nice.) and my new friends are an ice pack and stretching exercises. Exercise is evil.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Catching Up

This is a catch-up post! Tristan, you are right, I am sooo behind! This is my newest book. Harlan Coben is the Master of Suspense! Missy, you would love him!

Chrissie recommended this book so I added it in my cart, too. I just started it today and I think it is going to make a huge impact on my family. Great ideas that make a lot of sense. Thanks, Chrissie!

Katie and I went to a fabulous craft show today! I had low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. These are the yummiest soaps from The Cat's Meow Handcrafted Soaps.

I am in love with this designer. Her fabrics are amazing and her designs are fresh and fun! I wanted one of everything.:)

Mandy and I took a trip to Mexico! Well, not really, but it felt like it. We went to a local restaurant that serves the most amazing authentic Mexican food! This was the dessert that Mandy chose. It turned out to not be her favorite, but it was an experience!

This was our waitress (the same lady we had, Michelle!) and she was so sweet! She spoke a bit of English and had the most charming accent.


Vegetable quesadilla! Mmmm....

Coke from Mexico! With real sugar- not corn syrup.

Roasted pumpkin seeds on the table for snacking...

Mandy and I had a great time!

We had a wonderful time at the Lucky Grandma's house. Lots of great food, egg hunts, and Lord of the Rings watching!

Oh my...

Fun with Aunt Angie:)

Ruby gets a manicure...

Now, I am off to watch Lost. We are learning about the man in the balloon. He is not who he pretends to be. hmmm.... Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Nancy Drew goodies

Here is a peek at what I made for my Nancy Drew swap partners. I had such fun putting these goodies together! I cannot wait to host another swap next year!

Thanks to all who participated!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Happy Day

I had the nicest surprise the other day. My dear friend, Michelle, brought me flowers! She totally made my day. (She has also read The Help, so stop by her blog if you'd like to leave a comment. She wonders which character are you like? I am curious, too! Robin??)

Then, my Nancy Drew swap package arrived from Becca! Oh my goodness, Becca is incredibly creative and so generous! Take a peek...

Her mystery was The Secret in the Old Lace and look at the fabulous lace apron she made for me!

Yes, that is a backpack with all sorts of goodies inside of it! Booklight, frame, M&M's...

notebook and pen! Thank you so much, Becca! It was like Christmas in April!

We had the most beautiful day today. Heavenly. I got some pictures of the girls before gymnastics. They make me smile.:)