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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Magic Kingdom

The next day we went to the Magic Kingdom (my personal favorite!). We had breakfast reservations *absolutely necessary* at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian hotel. Top notch service, food and *characters* so bring your autograph book and camera!
Here is a little peek at the interior of the Grand Floridian. It is truly lovely but I hear that for the $$$ the guest rooms are a bit small. Hmmmm....



Here we are in the restaurant! We had reservations but still had to wait about 1/2 hour. No complaints- we are at Disney World! And, let me tell you, it is worth the wait...


Alice was there...

Mary Poppins was there, too!

The Mad Hatter was a bit *odd* to look at and the girls tried to avoid him- tee hee.. (Mandy headed back to the buffet, but he waited for her to come back!) He ended up being one of their favorites as he had a wonderful personality! A little life lesson there...
They had custom made omelettes, bagels and lox, Mickey Mouse waffles, pancakes, french toast, strawberry soup, fresh fruit, yogurt with yummy items to add to it (coconut, M&M's, fruit, etc.) and so much more. Mmhmmm.

Oh yes, Tigger and Pooh were there, too!


Here we are back at the entrance to the restaurant. It was a charming start to the day! (FYI- Cinderella, the Prince, the Wicked Stepmother and the step-sisters are here for dinner!)

When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom we lucked into a parade! It was a fun way to start our adventure.
Mandy and Jeff had a staring contest while waiting to go on Peter Pan's ride. It's a long wait (be sure to get a "fast pass") but sooo worth it. Sheer magic and one of my favorites. (I'm not a roller coast girl. Still love me? I'm happy to take the pictures, though.:) )

Ahh, yes, It's a Small World. Another favorite. It gets a bad rap, but when you are tired of the heat and crowds there is no better way to relax than on this sweet ride. Jeff falls asleep on it.:) Katie *adores* this ride and I fell in love with it again while watching her do the same.




What a perfect way to end the "Small World" dream. Ways to say "good bye" in different languages! Charming...

Buzz Lightyear! I had no desire to ever watch "Toy Story" but once I did I fell madly in love. I'm Team Woody. And you? What a wonderful movie! Here is your chance to fight Zurg! Katie was quite hesitant to get on the ride...
but that changed quickly!
We had a few character encounters, too!
The tea cup ride! Fun, but please don't spin me too much....

These 3 had such fun spinning as fast as they possibly could!

LOVE Jeff's face! (Can you see it or is the picture cut off?)

Katie waiting for Tinkerbell to start the fireworks show. She is in love with the fairy.:)


Not the greatest pictures, but you can see how they change the color of the castle in the evening. Lovely. And the fireworks are unmatched. Disney does not cut corners and we love them for that.:)


I hope you all are not sick of the pictures, because I'm not done yet!:)


joyfullness said...

Hey sweet friend!! Oh how i love a little Disney daydreaming!! The girls look like they had such a great time..where are the pictures of YOU though!!??? :)
Have a love-fully!!

Cherrie said...

I have never been there so I enjoyed looking at your pictures and seeing the excitement on your family's faces!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
We are DEFINATELY not sick of your pictures. We want MORE! Please keep them coming. Jessica is standing here singing the tune from the 'It's A Small World Ride' - I will confess we love that ride too - shhhhhhhh!! Breakfast at The Grand Floridian looked wonderful. I have never heard of Strawberry Soup and what is Lox? Tigger looks just as 'bright' as we remembered him! We nicknamed him 'Radioactive Tigger'! Glad you enjoyed The Peter Pan ride. I did too it was perfect for us non-roller-coaster sisters! We can see from the girls faces just what an amazing time you are all having. Poor Jeff on The Spinning Teacups - I would have made Tim go on that too if Jessica had wanted to go on it but she doesn't do spinning around either! I have never got into The Toy Story but like you I would give it a try. It's exactly a year tomorrow that we met your lovely parents. We are remembering each day we were there and what we did. Your pictures are bringing a little bit of magic back for us. Thank you.

Robin Beck said...

I'm not sick of the pictures, keep them coming! I think they are wonderful! I'm having the best time looking at all the things you guys got to do! What a wonderful time! I love it's a small world when I'm tired too! I like the Pirates of the Caribbean too but they changed so much since I was little to make it "politically" correct! Crazy. Did I ever tell you my grandpa helped build Disneyland in California? My Grandparents, mom and aunt all got in free the first day it opened. :)

Hope you are having a great weekend,

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I think the pictures are lovely! You guys had so much fun! Love Mandy's face on the tea cup ride! Katie looks like she is having the best time--her dress is adorable!

michelle edwards joy said...

I am not a roller coaster girl either!

Nancy said...

Amazing how the 2 Disneys are so similiar. My favorite is Small World too. In the summer, it is such a nice break from the heat. A long ride, too! Looks like great fun for the whole family. Thank you for your sweet words, Lori. You are such a blessing. xoxo Nancy

Yarni Gras! said...

wonderful photos! We stayed at the Grand Floridian and it was AWESOME. Dean's company sent all the managers and their families there back in 2003....my fav part was the Micky Mouse belgian waffles! haha....and the nightly fireworks!
Hurry and post more photos!!!!

Tristan said...

so fun..i just cant even handle it!!

Susan said...

So enjoying your Disney adventure. We were there in the fall and had a wonderful time. I think I said this on one of your other posts, but I'm ready to go back!!!