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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anna Griffin

   Have you seen the new Anna Griffin line??  It's not fabric- oh no.  This is gorgeous scrapbook paper!  I know!  Can you stand it???  The whole line, including stickers and stamps, are 30% off at Hobby Lobby this week.  The paper reminds me of Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley- absolutely dreamy...

   It's so beautiful you could frame it as art.  For now, I think I will make some blocks.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow?


   I received the most wonderful package from my dear friend and swap partner, Joy!   She even thought of my girls!  Look at the precious birdie notebooks she made for them...

   The darling birdie notepad (that I have had my eyes on at Target!) and the sweet stamps!  Oh my goodness, look at the yummy M&M's, too!

   Mandy has been working on her writing and I do believe this will be her new writing notebook.  She loves it!

   Everything, and I mean everything that Joy creates is amazing and so, well...  joyful!   Look at this precious little peep!  I am in LOVE!  Where do you get your ideas Joy??  I think you were born with a heart full of love and the gift of spreading happiness to all you know.:)

   Ooh, this just makes me giddy!  My own "L"- framed!  I think I may even start collecting them!

   A gorgeous birdie bookmark!!

      I think this is the cutest birdhouse I have EVER seen!  Thank you for sharing, Joy.  I know you wanted to keep it for yourself.:)

   Check out the darling green and white pin!  Joy makes them so go and check out her shop!
   BUTTONS!  My favorite!

   When I first opened this I let out the loudest squeal of delight!  I LOVE it, Joy!  And I adore the sweet tag: "Birds of a Feather, You and Me."  Sweetie, you are such a treasure.:)

   Do you see what I see???  The biggest ball of YUM!!  Yes, even Snookie the cat is in love with it!!  Joy, you must make these YUMMIES for your shop!!

   Pink and green- pure LOVE!  Joy, this book is so lovely.  Thank you so much.

   And last, but certainly not least Joy wrote me the most thoughtful and lovely letter.  That, my friends, was a precious gift in itself...  I will treasure it.

   Look at Joy's attention to detail.  Not only is she a one of kind, super fantastic friend, she is also one of the most creative and lovely people I know.  Stop by her blog and you will see what I mean.  Thank you so much, Sweetie.  I have sweet lovelies from you all over my house and I do think of you often and smile.:)

   And speaking of more joy!  The winner of my birdie swap giveaway is MISSY!  Congratulations, Sweetie Tweetie!  I will send your surprise to you ASAP!:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sneak Peek for Jen

   Jen and I are partners in Emilie's Easter Swap.  We decided that instead of doing a mini swap that we would go all out and ROCK the swap world!:)  We both created wish lists and promised to post "sneak peeks".  So, here you go Jen!  Enjoy!
   I believe you have a good idea what this is...

   What in the world?

   What can this be??

   Off I go to craft some more!

Memory Lane

     Where does the time go??
   Here's our little Katie with the sweetest guinea pig ever (besides Princess Pumpkin), Oliver Cunniver.  If I were not allergic to guinea pigs we would certainly have another.

   Mandy and her little "boy friend", Alex.:)

   Mandy giving Katie a "manicure".  I love the look on Katie's face.  She adores her big sister.

   Enjoy each moment today, dear friends.:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Second Birdie Partner

   My dear friend, Joy, was my second partner in the Birdie Swap.  Here are some of the goodies that should be arriving at her house today...
   A fun little birdhouse...

   Some cute blocks that say "HOME" on one side...

   And "NEST" on the other side.   She loves black/white animal print and what she calls "ugly green".:)
   I also sent her a pink bluebird of happiness (to benefit breast cancer research), birdie cards, decorative eggs, her name embellished in decorative paper...

   A mug (in ugly green) and some birdie napkins...

   Here is a picture of all the goodies!

   I almost forgot!  A button bracelet that she had on her Wish List.:)

   Enjoy, Sweetie!:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

All About my Mom~~~by Katie (6)

   My friend, Heather, did this on her blog and I loved it.  So, here is my little "interview" with Katie (6 years old).

1. What is something Mom always says to you?  Do your chores.
2. What makes Mom happy?  When you obey her.
3. What makes Mom sad?  When you don't obey her.  (Don't I sound like a slave driver?)
4.  How does your Mom make you laugh?  By telling jokes and doing funny things.
5. What was your Mom like as a child?  Sweet and cute.
6. How old is your Mom? 40
7. How tall is your Mom?  10 feet
8. What is her favorite thing to do?  Make jewelry and spend time with me and my sister.
9.  What does your Mom do when you're not around?  Watches TV with Dad, makes jewelry, does her blog and a little bit of ebay
10. If your Mom becomes famous what will it be for?  For making her jewelry
11.  What is your Mom really good at?  making jewelry and her cookies and brownies
12.  What is your Mom not very good at?  Fixing things
13.  What does your Mom do for her job?  Watches over us and makes jewelry
14.  What is your Mom's favorite food?  Chocolate muffins  (Where did that come from??)
15.  What makes you proud of your Mom?  Since she home schools me, makes her jewelry and watches over me  (Love this answer)
16.  If your Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?  Opal from "Toot and Puddle"
17.  What do you and your Mom do together?  Do crafts and Snuggle Nights- the best one!  (I love this too, Sweetie)
18.  How are you and your Mom the same?  We both have brown eyes and we're both half Irish (and English, German, Swedish...)
19.  How are you and your Mom different?  She has brown hair and I have blonde hair
20.  How do you know your Mom loves you?  Because she buys stuff for us and lets us have popsicles and ice cream:)
21.  Where is your Mom's favorite place to go?  On the couch to rest with me and my sister (LOVE this answer!  And it's so true.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


First off, I will tell you that I love Nora Roberts.  I met her a few years ago at a book signing and she is absolutely lovely.  Her books are always a fun escape- romance with a bit of mystery.

   I see them everywhere I go!  In magazines- there they are.  On TV- there they are again.  Lifetime is currently having some sort of Nora Roberts movie series.  The ads are so disgusting and CHEESY that I am avoiding watching these movies!  

   Jerry O'Connell is not a draw for me.  Sorry.  He will always be the fat kid in "Stand by Me" to me.

Easter Egg Hunt

   I have always wanted to host a Pumpkin Party, but when I saw this pennant banner on the Country Living website I decided that my new dream is to host an Easter Egg Hunt...

   Look at the darling paper plates!  Yes, they are paper!  I am in love with the flower and polka dot combination...

   Now, if I could just figure out how to make this sign.   I think the lettering makes it extra special...  See the egg hiding in the tree?  

   Tristan, do you have these little cuties on your farm?:)

   I remember getting one of these every Easter.:)  They were bigger, though, and solid!  Does everyone start by eating the ears first?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I sent to Jes...

I had such fun with the Birdie Swap!  I showed you my lovely package from Jes, now let me show you what I sent to her...
I embroidered some birdie napkins for her sweet little family...

  I made Jes a little birdie domino necklace in colors that she loves- chocolate brown and blue!

   Here is a shot of the entire package of goodies...

   This is the set of napkins...

   Glittered eggs, of course.;)

   I can't wait to host another swap!

Birdie Tweets!

   The sweetest package arrived today from my dear friend, Jes!  We were partners in my Birdie Swap. For those of you who don't know Jes, she makes the sweetest little birdies!  I collect them and Jes sent me this lovely "tweet" to join her friends.:)  She's PINK!

   Look at all the birdie love from Jes!  I can not get over all the goodies!  She knows me so well!  Buttons, beads, birds, chocolate, stationery, stickers, a fabulous magazine...

And look at this darling, darling, darling birdie towel!! She made it just for me!  Pink and brown!!!  And ball trim!  All my favorites.:)  I told her she should make them and sell them in her shop.:)

   I adore this sweet stationery.  "Hello, Dear One."  Precious.

   Jes also sent me one of Jen's darling birdie "Nest" pins!  I just told Jen last night that I would love one!  I feel like my circle of friends gets bigger and bigger and yet we are also getting so much closer.:)  How blessed I am.  If you'd like one of these CUTE pins, be sure to stop by Jen's shop!

   I cannot wait to start writing in this gorgeous journal!  I am in love with the blue and black combination and the beautiful ribbons!

   Would you look at the fabulous birdie tags that Jes made??!!  They are almost too cute to use!  I may have to frame them instead.:)

   Thank you so much, Sweetie!