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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

are you ready for may?

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Monday, April 28, 2014

keeping secrets, wild pacific trail and lavender honey gelato

After one day in Tofino I was ready to live there permanently.  I wanted to nestle into a darling little cottage with a cozy fireplace and write a book about the people.  A series like Mitford, but with a bit more mystery and a dash of romance.  It's a town that softly whispers "Tell my story."

But it also whispers "Keep my secrets."  If too many learn about Tofino's charms it's likely to change.  I'll not be a part of that.  No, ma'am.

So, I settled for taking pictures and was thankful for the memories I'd collect along the way.

We had breakfast one morning at The Common Loaf.  The building caught my eye but the real treasure was inside...

The breakfast sandwiches were unreal.  At first glance we though we should've gotten one to share.  And then we took the first bite and changed our minds.  We'd walk off the calories later.  These were way too good to share.  

This was our view.  See the water in the distance?

The moss on the roof was unusual and unique.  Probably not good for the building, but who cares?  It looked super cool.

The Tofino Hospital looks like a boat.  A boat!  Every corner held a new surprise in this town. Beauty, charm and occasionally a sense of humor.:)

This is another view of The Common Loaf- from across the street.  Further down the road was a lavender house.  Delightful.

After dinner we explored a dock simply because it was there.  I loved the reflection in the water.  

This old rusty scale had it's own beauty.  

Back at the Wickaninnish Inn we discovered Red Wiggler worms busily working.  The Organic Temple of Transition is a fancy way of saying "composting".;)

Every evening and morning we'd get a report on the weather as well as the tides.  It was a lovely way to plan for our beach exploring.

We decided to take a road to trip to Ucluelet for a short hike.  The Wild Pacific Trail was like no other trail I've ever seen before.

Glorious is the word that first comes to mind.  The history was haunting, though.  Graveyard of the Pacific...

The views took my breath away.  It was impossible to take a bad picture.

Magnificent and utterly majestic trees filled the forest.

This view reminded me so much of The Goonies.  They must have filmed it in the Pacific Northwest.  BTW, did you hear that they're thinking of making a sequel?  "Hey You Guys!!!!"  (Can you name the character?)

I was intrigued by the locks left behind here.  My parents said it was some kind of tradition in Europe?  Someone even left behind a bridal bouquet...

After that adventure we made a stop at Chocolate Tofino.  It's no larger than a bread box but my girls are still talking about the gelato they enjoyed there.  

Everything was local from the sea salt in the Salted Caramel to the lavender in the Lavender Honey.  Their chocolates were out of this world, too.

The sign is too perfect, don't you think?

Night view of The Common Loaf restaurant.  

Back in our room.  A shot of the book selection over the fireplace.

I wish I'd had more time to sit and enjoy them.  I guess we'll just have to go back again someday.;)

Friday, April 25, 2014

yellow wellies orange starfish and green anemone

Today is the day we've all been waiting for.  
Well, at least I have.:)

We're going to put on our wellies and walk on the beach!

The Wickaninnish Inn has a wildly gorgeous beach just steps away...

Rocks to climb and intense waves when the tide comes in.  They are powerful!

But when the tide heads out there are tidal pools to explore and natural treasures to be discovered...

At first all we saw were clams and seaweed.  But then, we looked closer...

and discovered jewel toned *starfish* and vividly green anemones!

We couldn't resist gently touching them.  The starfish were rough and didn't move but the anemone were quite different.  They withdrew as if we were something delicious to sample!  

Beyond cool.

Even the grown-ups were captivated!

My mom discovered this nest of starfish friends.  I still can't get over their stunning colors.

Here's our brave band of explorers.  It was lots of fun rocking the boots.;)

It's not every day that you get to take a selfie with starfish!

Waiting until the tide comes back in to cover them up...

It seemed that every hour was the perfect time for pictures.  

And we wanted to capture every second.



and yet peaceful at the same time.

Night night, everyone.