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Monday, August 31, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

Thank you so much to all of you that entered my Button Bracelet giveaway! I had over 131 entries! I loved reading all your lovely comments- they made my day! The additional 10 entries for making a purchase in my shop helped one lucky lady...


Congratulations Sweetie! I do believe that the Cafe Au Lait bracelet was your favorite?:) Well, it will be on it's way very soon, dear friend!

Thank you to everyone that entered. If you have a button bracelet that you would for me to create for you, just let me know! Lori toosillysisters@cox.net

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adventures with Stella

We have been having such fun with Stella! The girls have planned all sorts of lovely activities for her....

Today we took Stella to the park. Mandy discovered a lovely little hidden area that was almost like a Secret Garden!

There were fish...

and this gorgeous archway!

Katie decided to read Stella a story there. Can you see Stella on her shoulder?

Mandy was absolutely giddy with her discovery! We could have stayed there all day as it was quiet and shady...

Of course, Stella had to come to church with us today!

Yesterday we invited some friends to go to another park with us. It was a perfect day with low temperatures and humidity.

There's Stella again! She liked seeing all the bluebirds.:)

There is a unique cafe at this park and fabulous tables to enjoy...

Stella almost flew away with this bird! Katie saved her just in time!

Here's another table in the cafe. Look at all the clay figures and the details inside the table. There are even lights inside!

Look at this! A car that is the perfect size for sweet Stella! Of course, she had to go for a ride.:)
Then there was time for exploring...

Jeff even made pancakes for Stella! We had to watch her to make sure she didn't get stuck in the syrup- lol! She really liked the chicken and apple sausage.:)

Then, we took Stella out for Thai food! She certainly is adventurous and not afraid to try new things. What a sport!

Here she is with her first (I think) chopsticks!

The Crab Angels were almost as big as Stella but she really enjoyed them! She was not so sure about the sauce, though...

Stella even found her first geo-cache! Yes, she did! It was hidden in a tree, but she has sharp eyes and found it quickly.:)

Stella is now sleeping soundly under a cozy blanket. She is one tired little sweetie pie!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweating Bullets Part 2

I do not perform well under pressure. Good thing my girls do not take after me. Look at these sweet girls celebrating with ice cream! Is there any other way?

As you can see, these pictures are not in the right order- lol. The Katie twins tried out for the Nutcracker last week. Katie's Mom and I applied their make-up, styled their hair (my sweet friend had to do Katie's hair again since I was such a nervous wreck!) and got them there on time.

Their audition was 45 minutes long!

Look at those sweet faces.:) Not a bit nervous and ready for this new adventure!

It helps having a friend go with you.:) ( That goes for Moms, too!)

A little bit of warming up...

The wonderful news is they were both cast in the Nutcracker! Yippee!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Late Night Post...

This little lady finally got a make-over!

TaDa! Here she is in all her pink happiness! I plan on storing glitter, glue and other fun crafty items here. What to put in the top spot? Perhaps some little cute houses made by my sweet friend, Jes?:)

We have all been having fun with this. $2.50 from Goodwill.:) Four different mysteries with clues that glow in the dark. Cool.

Look who arrived this week! It's Stella from my dear bloggy sister, Lindsay! She came all the way from England and has been traveling through the U.S. Read about her on Lindsay's sidebar. So many adventures sweet Stella has had! We are having the best time thinking of places to take her.:) Wish Lindsay and Jessica were with her, too..

I won the sweetest clutch from Candice! I love it and look at the darling tag she has on it! It's so cute I don't want to take it off. This little clutch makes me so happy with the lovely flowers! Thanks Candice!

So, who has started decorating for Fall? My girls unpacked all the Fall/Halloween boxes and brought the goodies inside for me! They are excited, too.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Button Bracelet Giveaway!

Can you believe that it is almost my 700th post?? My goodness, it sure has been fun.:) Let's celebrate!

I will be giving away a custom made button bracelet for one lucky person! Yippee!

#1-For one entry, tell me what kind of bracelet you would like. Look at the ones here and in my shop for inspiration...

#2-For a second entry, blog about my giveaway! (Be sure to leave a separate comment for this.)

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Good Luck everyone! Let the games begin! This giveaway will end next Monday night, the 31st at 8:00 PM...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Meals and Spa Nights

My little one and I went to McDonald's for Happy Meals. Do you do ever get Happy Meals for yourself? I do. That way I can still get french fries and not feel tooooo guilty.:) Plus the prize puts a smile on my face. They can always go in a geo-cache if no one wants them. This is the current Happy Meal toy. American Girl activities!! By the way, Katie was chosen to be a model in the American Girl fashion show!

I started reading this. The Pawn. Amy recommended it and it is really good! The first chapter was very hard to get through, though. Rough stuff. But I prevailed and I'm glad. Thanks Amy!:) Next will be The Time Traveler's Wife which I will read with my sweet bloggy sister, Robin. Have any of you read this? What did you think?
Mandy had a sleepover tonight. Don't these two look like sisters?

They decided to have a Spa Night. Check out the Pumpkin Face Masks...

And look at the monkey in the middle.:)

They soaked their toes in my tub (Origins Ginger!) while they enjoyed hot chocolate and tea. Then they applied lotion...

After all that pampering I hope they have a good night's rest.:)