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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love in the Mailbox

   Last week we were without mail for 4 days due to the ice storm.  I don't know about you, but I love getting mail.  A letter or package addressed to me is love in the mailbox and I was starting to feel starved for affection!
   Well, on Friday I was thrilled to get not 1, not 2, but 3 packages in the mail!  The warm fuzzies are back.:)
   First of all, I received the most wonderful package of goodies from my "little Sis" Elise!  Elise and I were partner's in Heidi's Vintage Valentine Swap.  Not only did Elise spoil me, but she also spoiled my girls!  Here is a picture of Katie wearing the darling valentine apron Elise made for her.  She wants to wear it all the time- even while doing Legos with Daddy.:)

   Elise knows that I adore birds, so look at this pair of little turtle doves!  I imagine that's what they are and I can almost hear them cooing...  Look at their sweet faces!

   Elise took baby formula cans (she is one creative cookie!) and covered them with scrapbook paper to make darling goodie containers for my girls.  There is another pic below...  Then she also sent me a glittered cupid and a sweet set of "X" and "O"....

   Do you see what I see?  Oh my goodness!  It is the most gorgeous ruffled apron!!  Don't you want one??!  Elise is thinking about opening an etsy shop and I am more than ready for her to do so!  She knows that I am in love with aprons and so she created this one just for me!  yippee!  I wear it all the time, even while I blog!:)  Love it!

   Peanut M&M's....  Darling container, too!  It's on my dining room table with the other valentine decorations, but it doesn't seem as full today...  hmmm.....

   Mandy is showing her beautiful valentine apron.  Elise made one for her, too!

   Here is a better picture of the containers Elise made.  Are they not precious??!  They were filled with candy, too!

   This little birdie is sooooo lovely!  Elise made it into a tassel for me!  Bird+tassel= a very happy Lori.:)

  My girls love the little doves, can you tell?

   My sweet friend, Tristan, also sent me some love yesterday!!  What a complete and wonderful surprise!  Look at these darling notepads!  Pink and green paisley- my favorite!  Thanks so much, Sweetie!   I cannot wait to use them!!

   Look how she packaged everything!  I am loving it!  Did you make the darling tag or was this one of Jes's or Jaime's lovely creations?:)

   Awhile ago I won a giveaway at Heritage Schoolhouse.  Look at the fun calendar!  I think Gooseberry Patch is wonderful!  Wait until I share the recipes with you...  The one for February is chocolate fondue!  
   My pictures are all wacky lately.  Sorry for the mix-up.  This is the bounty of treasure that Elise sent me!  Look at the darling tags!  You know, I have been keeping all the lovely tags that I receive and want to display them in some way.  Any ideas??  Elise???

   Thank you so much for all my lovely gifts!  I have to say that I am overwhelmed and delighted!!:)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Mystery of History

   We just started a new history curriculum called "The Mystery of History".  It is amazing!  It begins at Creation and explains the timeline of the Bible along with events that happened in the world.  I believe that I am getting as much of an education, if not more, than my girls.  Did you know that it did not rain before Noah and the Flood?  Did you know that the Garden of Eden most likely existed between the Tigris and Euphrates River in Iraq?  This book is fascinating and I recommend it to anyone that wants a better understanding of the Bible and where it's events co-exist in history.

Pay It Forward

   I am SO loving this idea!  I visited Val's blog today and she is participating in the most wonderful event!  She has agreed to send a little handmade love within the next 365 days to the first three people who sign up for this round.  I was one of the lucky ones!!!  

    In return, I agreed to Pay It Forward and spread the joy by sending a little handmade goodie to the first three people who sign up here.  The only catch, of course, is that you must agree to continue this lovely chain of handmade happiness to three people of your own.  Oh, and make sure you leave me a way to contact you.:)

   That being said... are you in?

True Love's Kiss...

   The movie "Enchanted" has been on my mind lately.  Perhaps it's because I have all the music playing on my blog?  This bracelet is called "True Love's Kiss"...  Hearts, pink, red, crystals, pearls and sparkle.  Just what you need for a perfect Valentine's Day!  It will be in my shop later today.:)

In Our Neck of the Woods..

   This is what we have been busy doing here...  Dealing with an ice storm and all the fun that it brings.:)  We lost power for a day, slept in front of the fire "camping style", and "roughed" it a bit, but there were also some nice parts....

   Eating icicles...

   Enjoying the warm fire after being in the cold...

   The birds didn't like the fact that their feeder was frozen, but it sure was pretty!

   It looked like Narnia...

   It appears that Mr. Bunny has turned into Bunnicula!

   I love the red color on our dogwood shrub...

   We got our power back yesterday, but there are still so many fallen trees and power lines.  Our Wal Marts are closed (I didn't think that EVER happened) and so is our Post Office.  I hope that the weather is nice and safe where you are.  Stay warm, my friends.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heart Shaped Crayons

   A few of you have asked about making heart shaped crayons.  These are some that we made last year and they are really, really fun!  Here is what you do:

Heat oven to 250 degrees.  Fill each silicone mold (we got ours at Target) with assorted colors of crayon pieces (paper removed) and bake until the crayons melt- about 10-15 minutes.  You might like to place a sheet pan under the crayons to catch any drips.  Once they are cool, remove the hearts from the mold and smooth any rough edges by rubbing them on a piece of scrap paper.  We attached ours with small pieces of foam tape to valentines.  This is such a great way to recycle bit and pieces of crayon that would otherwise end up in the trash.


   JES!  You are my big winner! Congratulations, Sweetie!  Please send me your address and I will get this book in the mail to you!  Yippee!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm in the Mood for Love...

   I know this is out of order, but I had to add them!  I absolutely love the movie "Far and Away"!  Ireland, Tom and Nicole, the music...  Swooning yet?  If you have not seen it- you must.  GO RENT IT. NOW.

   And, oh my goodness, Tristan and Isolde.  What a surprise this one was!  This movie will stay with you for a long time...  I don't want to give away the story, in case you have not seen it yet.  Tristan- I know you love this one!  Such a romance!  Can you imagine how you would feel if you were them?  You will "get it" once you see the movie.  What would YOU have done??  Does anyone know if this is a true story?  I had heard that it was...

   Mirrors.  Have you seen it?  No romance here, but that's what was left at the Red Box tonight.  Our first time using one, and it won't be our last!  I love a good scary movie, but earlier this evening I was thinking of some of my favorite romantic movies...

   North and South.  Orry and Madeline- sigh.  This mini-series is fabulous.  There is history, romance, villains you love to hate (remember Bent?) and great actors and actresses.  It makes me think of Patrick Swayze.  I am praying that he will get well.  He seems like such a good person...

   Enchanted surprised me!  I DID NOT like the ditsy chick (what is her name??) until I saw the movie.  She charmed me!  Love the music, story line, pretty much everything...

   Jennifer Garner could be my best friend, I do believe.  She is so cute, but not affected.  Have you seen pictures of her in her high school band- with glasses?  She is just like one of us and that is so refreshing.  LOVED this movie.  I even have the soundtrack- oh, the memories.  I was in love with Rick Springfield, too.  How about you?  I saw him in concert a few years ago, and yes, he STILL looks good!

   I love, love, love, this movie.  Most people have never heard of it.  The flashback scenes with Jodie Foster are unreal.  The music is amazing.  I want the beach house.  Alan Appleby steals so many of the scenes.  Don't be put off by the first 15 minutes, this movie is will touch you, make you remember, and wish that you had been there on those summer days...  Love, loss, friendship and that first kiss are all there.  Take a walk down memory lane.

   How can you not love Drew Barrymore?  This movie shows us that there is hope for everyone- even the Josie Grossies out there.:)  And don't we all feel like Josie Grossie at some point in our life?

   Another movie that I did not have high expectations of enjoying.  The chemistry between Debra and Dermot (we are on a first name basis, you know) is wonderful.  Romantic and funny- such a chick flick, but your husband/boyfriend will probably indulge you.:)

   The Holiday.  Great houses, characters, dialogue, story line, etc.  Kate Winslet mooning over her boss will make your heart ache.  What ever will she do?  We have all been there.

   Bryan Adams comes to mind.  Such great music. Colorful characters.  Christian Slater, Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman...  One of the best villains ever.  The Sheriff of Nottingham- "I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!"

   Somewhere in Time.  Just the thought of this movie makes my heart ache.  Christopher Reeve was larger than life.  Jane Seymour is so lovely.  You, too, will want to believe.  Let the music take you there.
   Minnie Driver and Chris O'Donnell are wonderful in this.  Absolutely charming.  I love Maeve Binchy and her books.  Her characters are all so rich and believable. I fell in love with Chris O'Donnell all those years ago, while watching this.   Now he is married with 5 little girls.:)

   What are your favorite romantic movies?

Red and Pink

   All this red and pink is making me giddy!  I want to snuggle up in front of the TV and create....  Instead, I'll be bringing these items to ballet class today.:)  It's kind of like TV, except I get to watch my little sweetie dance- even better.  (except I have to sit on the floor- bummer)  At least there will be pretty music...  

   This week-end these cupids will be getting a "silver" bath.:)

   Mandy made this for me years ago and I treasure it.

   I am having a ball with SWAPS!  I will show more pictures later (can't wait!) but I don't want to ruin the surprise for my partners...

   Such a fun time of year!  We may make some melted crayon hearts like we did last year.  So fun!  Have you ever made those?  Don't throw away your broken crayons!

   I am in such a good mood that I think I will host another GIVEAWAY!  Yippee!  The book below has wonderful craft ideas for a full year.  Even Valentine's Day!  Leave a comment if you're interested and I'll pick a name on Sunday!