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Friday, February 27, 2009

Val and Tangee!

Lovely Birdie Swappers!  Tangee and Val have already shipped their goodies!   These ladies ROCK!  And not only that, they each have *two partners* in my swap! * Notice that I have marked on my blog (left side) that they have shipped and received their packages.*  Please make sure and let me know when you have shipped and received your lovely Birdie Swap packages!  Then, I can happily mark your name, too!

Oh, and the precious red Mardi Gras Finch above was made by Val!  I adore her! (Val and the Finch!)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to the Zoo!

   Katie got inspired today and created the sweetest little zoo.  Have a look!

   Here is Mr. Zebra and doesn't he look dapper today?:)

       Now let's stop by and say "Hello" to Miss Kangaroo...

   Here is Mrs. Tiger with her babies.  Aren't they precious?

   Oh, my favorites!  The birds!  Miss Bird on the left is reaching down to feed her babies.  Such a good Mommy.:)

   Look at Miss Piggy and her mud puddle.  She keeps herself quite clean, but it's fun to roll in the mud sometimes, you know.

   Here are the turtle twins.  They are thinking about taking a dip in the lake...

   And last, but certainly not least, is Mr. Deer.  He is a fine looking buck and such a happy fellow!

   Thanks for stopping by!  Please come back again soon!

Don't Get Pinched!

   Luck of the Irish bracelet...

   Now in my Shop...

   Didn't you hate it when kids tried to pinch you at school when you forgot to wear green?

   You'll be ready this year.:)


   I wish that I could send all of you a copy of this movie.  It is a wake up call for everyone.  It's so easy to happy in the good times, but what happens when the rough times come in your relationship?  God never said it would be easy.  
   I was put off a bit at the beginning by the acting- not the greatest- but fell in love with the message.  Kirk Cameron steals the show.  I rented it from Red Box, but am off to buy a copy of my own today.  If you have not seen the movie, you may want to just skip the rental and buy it.  Oh, and don't forget the Kleenex...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Because I Love You Guys!

   You guys are the BEST!  Soooo, I thought I would have a SALE today- just because I ADORE each and every one of you!
   Everything in my SHOP is marked at least 15 % off today- until midnight!  Even the NEW items!  Yippee!  Hurry and take a peek!

   Have a Fabulous Day, Sweets!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Co-op Classes

Co-op, sweet co-op, what would we do without you?

   The girls attend classes once a week and love the time they get to spend with their friends...
   Katie even gets to practice her one-handed cartwheel after class with her buddy, Shayla!

   Katie is taking a Cooking class, Acting class and Princess class this semester.  Yes, I said Princess Class!  I was actually the first person to teach the class a few years ago.:)  You're never too old to be a princess, my friends!

   Amanda (I just can't get used to calling her that!!) is taking Guitar lessons and Acting class this semester.  She and her friends are just too cool for pictures, though.  sigh...

   In the meantime, I will be photographing these cuties as much as I can!:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Winner is...

    Oh, you are all GREAT guessers and very welcome to come and play at my house anytime.:)  Thank you so much for playing along!  The answers to the game were- pic. #1- octopus, #2- shake, #3-hair dryer, and #4- cheeks  No one person got all the right answers, though!  SO, to be fair, I put all your names in a hat and the winner is....

Congratulations, Sweetie!  Your prize will be in the mail very soon!:)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pictionary, Parade, Peeking and a Prize!

   We played Pictionary Junior Tonight.  What a hoot!  Here are some of our attempts at drawing...
(something under the sea)

   I'm NOT going to tell you what they are.  That's for later...
(an action)

(something in the bathroom)

   All I'm going to say is that we have plans to play again tomorrow night.:)
   Oh, and Katie and I won.:)

   Here is the first peeking picture- taken after the Mardi Gras parade- See the beads?

   Even the dogs were dressed up...

   For a small town, we had some really festive floats and lots of happy people.  It was truly a great day.  See the blue skies?

   Here is the other peeking picture of Katie in her fort.  Snookie, our cat, loves to nap in there.  Do you see him on the left?

   Oh, I did mention a prize...  The first person that can guess what the words are (all 4) from our Pictionary game (above) will win a PRIZE!  Who wants to play?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Homeschooling at Starbucks

   One of the joys of home schooling is being able to learn wherever and whenever we like.  Today we took a field trip, of sorts, to Starbucks.  The girls packed up their back packs..

   including their Nintendo's.:)

   We brought the current book that we are studying as part of our English curriculum.  I am enjoying it, but the girls- not so much.  sigh...  Well, anything is fun at Starbucks!

   We all chose our favorite beverages.  Mandy really enjoys the "Naked" brand of juice and all the nutrition that it provides.  Plus, she tells me that it tastes great (except the Protein one- yuck).

   Katie loves the chocolate milk...

   and I really enjoy their Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade- mmmm...  Heather- it's almost as good as Mountain Dew!:)

   There were two chocolate cupcakes left!  But not for long.:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Auction Ends Today!

   **UPDATE** AWESOME  ANGI is the winner of the Cora Paige bracelet!  Angi is an extremely generous and lovely lady.  And she designs the most amazing purses!  Stop by her blog and take a peek!  Thank you so much Angi!!:)

   Today at 6:00 PM (Central) my auction for the Cora Paige bracelet will come to an end.  The bidding is currently at $25.00 but you still have time!  Please leave a comment and your bid if you are interested in winning this bracelet and helping Cora's family build a playground in memory of their little angel.  Thanks to all of you!

Bag Tag

   Sweet Ruth Ann tagged me!  I need to share the purse that I used today and it's contents.  Here is my purse:

   I got it last year for Valentine's Day and I truly love it.  Jeff bought it for me because he told me I deserve the best.  He is such a dear husband and my best friend.:)  I usually buy my purses at TJ Maxx because I can get so much more for my money.  I would NEVER spend this much money on a purse for myself and I was so completely touched that he would indulge me like this!
   Here are the contents of my purse:
   Make-up and rubber bands...  Do you think I have enough lipstick and gloss??

  My wallet (Mother's Day gift), watch, earrings, my phone, and tons of Splenda packets (I don't care for Sweet and Low)...

   I had one more picture that showed seashells, bobby pins and a button.  Where is the picture???
   Oh well....  I tag Val, Heather, Elise, and Jes !

What I've Been Up To...

   Making Pretties ...

   Once I think of a name it will go in my shop...

   I am OVER THE MOON for these!

   See the little birdie?  Tweet!

   The BUTTONS!  The OWLS!  Soon to be in my shop, too...

   I've been indulging in these!  Thanks Sweetie!:)

   My new favorite coffee drink has been inspiring me to stay up and craft.:)

   And THIS has been so hard to put down!  ROBIN- you were right- it's amazing!  (Thanks Heather for giving it to me!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brought me to Tears..

 I had the most *wonderful* mail delivery on Friday.  My mailbox was overflowing with love and it wasn't even Valentine's Day yet!  I was so touched by the thoughtfulness from my dear friends that I started to cry.  Honestly, I never dreamed that people I have not "officially" met could make me feel so loved.  These are the same ladies-  very, very special friends- that I think about every day as if they lived next door to me.  I know them better than I know my true neighbors!  Thank you- all of you- who leave lovely comments and e-mails.  I love all of you- my dear, kind friends.
   My darling friend, Jes, sent me a package of *birdie* love and more!  There were chocolates...
  The SWEETEST tags...
   Goodies from Bath and Body Works...

   And the sweetest little red bird in her very own beautiful nest!   Thank you so much, Jes!  


   Then, I got a heavy, heavy package of book love from my sweet friend, Heather
   She sent me the loveliest red frame from Pottery Barn and a huge pack of Red Vines licorice- my favorite!

   And look at all the BOOKS!  She knows how much I love to read and I WISH we lived closer so we could form a book club- sigh...  Thank you so much, Heather!

   Look what my Big Sis, Robin, sent to me...  Oh my Goodness!  See's Candy!!  She sent a package for me and one for each of my girls!  Robin- Thank you so much!  We are loving every single bite- YUM!