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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Such a Pleasure...

We waited in line...

                    So anxious to get our books signed...

                          There were glimpses of Jim Bob...

                    and then we heard voices.  Singing.

             The most precious way to make an entrance.
    With a hymn.
    I started crying.  Just a little.

                           Josh was on one end.
        The official greeter.:)
        He was kind and confident.  
        Just as I expected.

                     Jill sat with Jennifer and helped her
      write her name.
      So sweet.

   He is my favorite.
   Full of mischief and as darling as can be!

        This lady is Jim Bob's sister- Amy's Mom
  if you are familiar with the family.
  She looks just like her daughter- so pretty.

           People had come from all over the country
   that day.
   It was exciting!

            A friend of mine attended a conference 
   where Michelle was a speaker.
   Michelle told the crowd that she explained
   to her children that one day they would no 
   longer be a big deal, "famous"- kind of 
   like a child star.  So, they live their life 
   accordingly. "Buy used and save the rest,"
   and such. 
   Very wise lady.

     The family was absolutely lovely.  They all
 dressed up and smiled for the cameras.

          Little Jocie is on the right!(above)
   Remember when we prayed for her?
   God is so very good.

             Every person signed their name.
     It looked like a yearbook when they were

         Mackenzie, Josh's daughter, hurt her mouth
  at one point and he was right there making 
  sure she was alright.

                 Fran- This picture is for Kaitlin.:) 

        The Duggars don't watch TV.  They watch 
   their show only when it comes out on DVD.
   Sam's was playing their show on a TV in the 
  store.  Guess what the boys are staring at?:)

     Once the line was done and things were coming
  to an end they were able to "let their hair
  I could not resist taking some pictures. 
  They are so darling!  (Josh was taking pics, 
  too. They are his family, though.  I'm just a

     See the young man in the pink shirt? 
   (above)  (Sadly, I do not know all the 
   children's names.)  He was sucking the 
   helium out of the balloons and then

 I can only guess what was going to happen next.:)

The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk

First summer session of Nancy Drew Class
The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk.

             A cruise ship, jewel thieves, a falling meteor and 
                          Nancy is thrown overboard!

       The girls painted wooden trunks from Hobby Lobby, added jewels (jewels were hidden in the trunk in the book) and then added their initials.  In the book, Nancy is given a trunk with the initials "ND" but her real trunk is lost!

     We also made Brass Bound Trunk Candy (recipe below) from the Nancy Drew Cookbook.

             Next month...
        The Mystery of the Moss Covered Mansion....

   Brass Bound Trunk Candy

   16 ounces semisweet chocolate pieces
   2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
   1 tsp. vanilla
   1/8 tsp. salt
   3/4 cup dry oatmeal
   1/3 cup chopped nuts
   1/4 cup flaked coconut

   Put water in the bottom of a double boiler and bring to a slow boil.  In the top of the double boiler melt chocolate pieces.  Then add condensed milk, vanilla, salt, oatmeal, chopped nuts and coconut to the melted chocolate,  Stir until well blended.
   Grease the bottom and sides of and 8 inch square pan.  Spread the candy mixture in the greased pan.  Put in the refrigerator to chill.  Cut squares and enjoy!:)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everyday Angels

Years ago I was a preschool teacher.
I had a little girl named Happy in my class.

         She was a very sweet little girl, but not
            the "easiest" child.
  The time came for class changes and I was 
  more than happy to pass Happy on to another

               Years later, I regretted that decision.
    I could have been such a blessing to that
 child.  I am sure she would have been the same
 for me.

                                             Easiest is not always best. 
             It's just, well, easier.

Lately, my family has been unbelievably blessed by every day angels. Amazing men and women that seek out children that are often overlooked, ignored or forgotten.

 Our swim team is the underdog team.  Think Mr. Miyagi and Daniel Son in the Karate Kid.  The ones that have just begun to fight and learn.  Being the underdog is certainly not a bad thing.  But it is so much easier to work with the winners.

In life, everyone loves a winner.  Of course, winning is wonderful!  I am asking you to please not forget those who are overly challenged. Pray for the people that frustrate you, try your patience and puzzle you.  They may look "normal" but inside they are drowning.

Every day angels.  We can all be one.  Helping raise someone's confidence is a blessing to everyone involved.

 Start with children.  But don't stop there!  We all crave praise and want to please.  Take a second to say a kind word to someone.  Hold your tongue when someone takes longer than you like. It will mean way more than you know.  I know this for a fact.

 Thank you in advance.  You are all angels in my book.  Rock stars, in fact.  

     Taking the easy road is easy but predictable.
  Movies are not made about easy and 
  Root for the underdog and watch them become 
  the hero of their own story.:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

American Girl class, Swim Team and the Duggars

I was ready to collapse this evening.
Do you run yourself ragged for your children?
They are only young for a short time.
Make every day count.

                                    I limited my classes to 6 girls for the summer. We are studying Kirsten.  She is an immigrant from Sweden and a pioneer.  You know, if I lived back then I would have just stayed in Sweden. I would not have made it to America on the boat ride.  People would have tired of my whining and thrown me overboard.  If by some miracle I did make it off the boat I would never have survived the wagon ride.  No hotels, no restaurants?  No bathrooms??  Uh, no.

                We took a field trip to a nearby museum for our first class.  The girls were able to explore a log cabin that pioneers actually lived in once upon a time, view arrow heads, try on clothes, work quilt square puzzles, etc.  It was a fun trip back in time with indoor plumbing close by!:)

              We also made yarn dolls like Kirsten gave to her Indian friend, Singing Bird and played Jackstraws (also known as Pick Up Sticks).

                For a snack I served Gingersnaps.  This is a cookie that Kirsten may have possibly eaten and enjoyed!  The girls also brought items that they crafted themselves (doll blankets/pillows, headbands, cross stitching, bracelets, etc.) for a time of bartering!  I think this was their favorite part.  

                 I remember a time when I was participating in 4/5 swaps at a time.  Way too much but they are *such* fun and I have made some wonderful friends this way. Below are pics of items that I put together for a Color Swap.  My partner loves the color pink so pink is what she received!
             A pink button bracelet...

                                     a pink banner, 

                 a set of pink Cynthia Rowley pencils...

          and pink Raspberry Lemonade soap purchased
   on etsy!

                  Oh, here is a picture of History Camp!  
     I used to hate history until I started home schooling.  Now I love it.

             Here is the package I received from my partner in the Color Swap...  I am currently crushing on turquoise and yellow.

    Daily swim team practice is cramping my style.  I do love to watch Mandy swim, though.  She is my little mermaid.  Don't tell her I said that!  She is so comfortable in the water.  Wish that would rub off on her little sister.  That's another story.  It all started when she hated getting water on her face as a toddler.  sigh...

                     I was clicking away today.  
      Pool paparazzi.
      Yes, I am *that* Mom.

                                Hi, Cutie.

                                First swim meet tonight.
          I will have butterflies.

                                Team Cheer.
         Love this.

                                Veggies are coming along in the garden. God, sunshine and water are taking care of this and yet I feel like the super star.

I bartered with a friend for weeks and weeks of farm fresh eggs in exchange for a bike.  Bartering is awesome.  Each person wins.:)

I am reading this.
No matter how you feel about this family (I *LOVE* them) you will be touched by their faith in the Lord.  It is bringing me closer to Him, too.  A true blessing.

           They have a new book out!!  I am going to purchase it at a book signing.  I am giddy, I tell you!  A fellow blogger bought a copy and everyone in the Duggar family signed it.  That is cooler than cool.

I am BIG into coupons and freebies right now.  Would you like a free Benjamin Moore pint of paint?:)