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Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Have a H.E.A.R.T for your Kids- TOS review

How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for your Kids  

This is one of the best books I have ever read.  It's a warm hug for mothers combined with a wake up call.  Through true life stories and the Bible, Rachael Carman captured my attention from the first page and made me think long and hard until the last sentence.  She made me laugh and cry, a sure sign of a wonderful book!  This would be a blessing to both home schoolers and non home schoolers as she covers, in detail, why we have been blessed with our children.  Not only that, she discusses the importance of these topics:

H- Have a Heart for the Things of God
E- Enrich Your Marriage
A- Accept Your Kids 
R- Release Them to God
T- Teach the the Truth

Wow.  This was quite an undertaking and she did it beautifully.

H- Have a Heart for the Things of God- Before you have a heart for your children, you must start at the beginning- with yourself.  Reading the Bible, recognizing God's presence in nature, praying and spending time with the Lord is the way to start.  Also, be aware that the way you live your life speaks volumes.  If you want your children to live a godly life, you must lead by example.  How do you talk about people when they are not around?  Your little ones are listening.

E- Enrich your Marriage- This chapter discusses how it's so easy to neglect your spouse and your marriage in the rush of life.  The foundation of your home starts with a strong marriage and this takes work.  Rachael Carman encourages parents to have fun together!  Take a stroll down memory lane, write love letters, go on dates!  Not only will your marriage grow stronger but you will be setting a loving example for your children.  

A- Accept Your Kids- This chapter discusses how it's vital to love our children.  Rachael Carman tells us how she was, by her own definition, a strong-willed child.  Her mother accepted this and did not try to change her.  Instead, she "set out to properly direct this part of my design to be used for God's glory."  Our children know when we truly have accepted their uniqueness.  

R- Release them to God- Sounds scary, doesn't it?  We do have to remember that God made all of us and has a plan for each and every one of us.  Rachael writes, "Release them to God.  They are His, and He will take great care of them."  I loved reading this.  Such a comfort.

T- Teach the Truth- When I began home schooling my girls, I did not take on the adventure because of religious reasons.  That is so sad!  Through this book I see how important it is to teach the truth of the Bible.  The world wants us to be tolerant of so many things and yet we need to remember what is right and what is wrong.  Read biographies of missionaries, sing hymns, memorize Bible verses!  It's not just for children- it's for adults, too.  Learning does not stop when you become an adult.  You can be a student and a teacher at the same time!:)

Whether it's for parenting advice, marriage guidance or personal reflection, I will be reading this book again and again. It's *that* wonderful.  Throughout the book I just kept thinking that Rachael Carman wrote this book just. for. me.  She truly wrote it for all parents, and it came straight from her heart.

How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for your Kids is available from Apologia for only $13.00.  Click on the book title above to read a chapter for free!

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*I received this book at no cost from Apologia in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nancy Drew Shadow Boxes

I have loved revisiting Nancy Drew.
Sharing her with these precious young ladies has been an absolute joy!

                                 On our last class we created shadow boxes.
             Pictures and objects were chosen to help them remember 
            The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk, The Mystery of
            the Moss Covered Mansion and The Quest of the Missing

                              It was so fun to see what they came up with!
             One sweetie brought sand and seashells as there was an 
             island with buried treasure.

                 This young lady brought small animal figures from when
           her big sister was a baby!
           There were wild animals in the Moss Covered Mansion...

                               Please excuse the mountain of fabric in the 
                    Just waiting for a minute to create something fun.:)

                       My cutie used sparkly gems (found in Brass Bound 
               Trunk and Missing Map) and a lock (Brass Bound 

                     Sheet music was from Missing Map, too!  I also love 
               the charms she brought for her shadow box...

           This little lady read the mysteries more times than I did!  It 
        was a real challenge to stump her on our trivia challenges.:)

                         I am going to continue to re-read the mysteries.

I hope the other detectives do, too.
I will miss them...
but I am sure we will be solving mysteries together again soon.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pina Colada? We shall see...

Many years ago, my great grandfather introduced me to the joy of juicing.
A glass full of carrot juice.
I was less than thrilled.

Fast forward to today.
Two of my friends have just completed a month of juicing.
I think they call it a Juice Fast?
All sorts of fruits and veggies having a party.

They lost 20+ pounds.

I am now the proud owner of a Juiceman.
Yes, I know the Vitamix is better, but who knows if I will make it past my first experience??
Today I was given a recipe for juice (that includes SPINACH) that tastes like
a Pina Colada.
We'll see about that.
I am off to the store in the morning.

To be continued...

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Downy Unstopables

The other night my husband looked and me and said, "My shirt smells good."
No joke.
Out of the clear blue.

This was what made it smell so great:

Hop on over here for a free sample!

I am not getting compensation for this.  It just smells soooo good that I wanted to share!
See what your husband/boyfriend/son/daughter thinks.:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Are You Ready for This?

Are you ready for this?
God did not give us our children to make us look good.


               Am I the only one who thought that was part of the deal?

            I was floored when I read this in How to Have a H.E.A.R.T.  
         for your Kids.
                                 It was quite a wake up call.

               God entrusted us with our children so that we could raise 
         them to become godly adults.

            Making their parents look good is a nice perk, but certainly 
        not part of His plan.

                                  Have fun with your children.
                       Love them.
                       See them for how amazing they are, not in how 
                      they make you look.

                  I always dreamed of a cheerleading daughter.  An honor 
             roll cutie.  Just think of the reflection on me!  The 
            wonderful Mom who does everything right!

                                 Neither my husband or I ever mastered the
                      cartwheel and...
                      There is no honor roll in home school.
           Yes, we all want to be "the best".  Winners.  First Place.

         But God is teaching me that there is SO much more to life 
           than being #1!

My daughters are both amazing in ways I never could have dreamed!
God knows best!

My oldest sees the best in everyone.
She forgives without hesitation.
She has such absolute grace.
I learn patience from her.

My youngest is Miss Organization and helps me daily with my To Do list.
She is the first to notice if I am having a bad day.
Then generously offers me a "spa.":)
I learn kindness from her.

                                         Thank God for your blessings.
                            Then go give them a hug.:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kirsten, an American Girl Class

Our last day of American Girl class.
Part of me really wants to teach it again.
Part of me needs a serious break.

A break it shall be- for now.

              To end our study of Kirsten, we created necklaces in   
         honor of Singing Bird, Kirsten's Indian friend.

                            The girls used wooden, shell and "bone" beads.

                                          They also painted Swedish boxes...

            and played "Puss in the Corner".  You need 5 players. 
        There is a "kitty" in the middle of 4 corners.  In each 
        corner is a child. 

                       When "Puss" yells "Change!" everyone tries to find
               a corner- including "Puss", the kitty!  

             Whoever doesn't find a corner is the next kitty.  Super fun!

                   It was really hot, so we came inside and created "quilt
             square" cookies.

         Sugar cookies were cute into squares and everyone designed 
       three so we could make a quilt cookie!

             Good thing we had a lot of frosting and sprinkles on hand.:)

                   The girls work of art.  It tasted as good as it looked!

                          We finished early, which never happens!  So the 
                    girls had some free time.

                   They decided to play Mystery Date.  The girls were
            quick learners!

                        In the end, Anna won her mystery date!  So fun!

                         The clothes on the table are clean- just outgrown.
                                          Keeping it real.:)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do you know how to play "The Game"?

How smart are you in the World of Women?
You know what I mean.
Are you a Queen Bee or a Worker Bee?

                            Do you know how to "play the game"?
                   At the age of 42 I still struggle with the idea of who 
                  knows who, whose husband makes more money, 
                  who has the biggest house, etc.
                   I really don't care.

                            Or deep down, do I care too much?

God has blessed my family abundantly and I would never look down on someone who had less.
I suppose some may think I do?
Jealousy is certainly ugly and I have fallen victim to it- many times.

For the most part, I am a Celia.
I want so badly to be liked by everyone.
I have everything I could ever dream of, yet I still often feel like I am not good enough.
I also try to be a friend to all and love a nice cold soda.:)

I wish I was a bit more like Skeeter and Aibilene.
Their road is not an easy one.
I find it difficult to go against the crowd.
So you see, I am a Worker Bee.

               Queen Bees are cruel.  
           They love power and don't care who they step on to get it.
            How exhausting.
            I loved how Constantine tells Skeeter in the movie that 
           "ugly" is an attitude and a feeling. 
            Hilly Holbrook (Queen Bee extraordinaire) certainly 
            pegged "ugly".  
            Sad to say, I have known quite a few Hillies in my life.
            I know you have, too.

           Which character(s) do you identify with in The Help?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

P.E. Home School Style

Crew Blog Hop


                                                           Gym shorts.
                                    Smelly locker rooms.

                                              You HAD to take them.  
                              "Community style".
                               So the story went.
                               Somehow I escaped them.
                               I'm a "delicate" sweater.:)
              (Either that or I worked hard to not work too hard.)

                                                   I loved playing field hockey.
                                   And soccer.

                       Big, blue mats with uneven/parallel bars gave me
               A gymnastic routine?  For a GRADE?
               How about square dancing.
               Sweaty palms.
               (It was one way to hold hands with the cute boys!)

            Thank goodness my girls love our home school P.E. class.
         They are taught by an incredible group of Christians who 
        strive to make every child feel accomplished.

                                I find myself wanting to get up and play!
                     Capture the Flag, Sharks and Minnows,
                     basketball, tennis, and more.

                        For an hour I can read, clip coupons, take pictures 
                or just watch.
                 It's almost as good as a massage.

                                 No gymnastics.
                       No smelly gym clothes.

                                   No grades.

                                    There are lots of smiles.

                               And, oh yeah, no showers.
            Until we get home and the girls can take them alone.:)

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