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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monte Carlo and M&M's

No camp.
No swim team.
No ballet.
No volunteering.

We finished our school work early.

And were off to see this...

Super, super, cute movie!

Summer in France.
No bad language. (shocker, I know!)
No, ahem, "excessive skin".
Chaste, sweet kisses(2).:)
Fun story line. 

Not sure why it was rated PG.

We used our M&M's Movie Money!
Have you done this?

Specially marked boxes of M&M's (above) have free tickets, $$$ off tickets, and more.  EVERY box I bought had $3 off a ticket!  That's like 1/2 price tickets!  The lady next to me had 3 *FREE* tickets!  

Buy M&M's at Wal Mart.
Check on-line for your prize.
Grab your candy and coupons and escape to the movies to get out of the heat!


Lori said...

Couldn't get the sound to work on the trailer - but I Googled it and watched it. I will put it on my list. I bought M&M's at the dollar store and a coupon of boxes had the ticket coupons inside - what a great treat!!!

Susan said...

We loved Monte Carlo too...wish I would have known about the M&M's though. It cost me a small fortune to take just the girls to the movies. But it was worth it... I love spending time with just my girls.

Tristan said...

i want to see it so bad!!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Yes! We used our M&M $$ to see Cars2:)

I'm dropping by from The Crew~nice to *meet* you!

Stefanie said...

Good to know!!! It's so hard to find movies that I'll let my daughter watch these days.

Dropping in from the Crew!

Fran. said...

Hey Lori thanks for the heads up on the M & M's that's pretty cool! Kaitlin goes to the movies alot. I thought the movie you went to might be pretty cute. Your right not all are! Brooke and I went to see "Bridesmaids" awhile back. Oh my!! Very funny but kinda dirty!! if you catch my drift!! LOL And Kaitlin loved the picture you took! What beautiful kids they are. Michelle looks so pretty. Take care, XO LOve, Fran.

val said...

I was thinking that would be a lame movie so I'm glad you gave it a thumbs up!