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Friday, May 18, 2012

Kingdom Dance, Juliet and Summer Break

Summer break is almost here.
We home school all summer, though.

My poor girls.

Loving picking flowers in my garden.
The colors are thrilling!

To me they are better than a florist- any. day.

A work of art that deserved to be framed.

The beads have come out to play.
I have missed them.

Teachers gifts...

Flowers in fabric form.

End of the School Year.

Dressing Up.

Friends of all ages.

Sign Language Class.
Such a lovely form of communication.

Kingdom Dance.
Wish I knew how to post videos.

This group is such good friends.
A true and lovely blessing.

They danced to the Kingdom Dance song from Tangled.

My friend, Angel, made the costumes.  She is incredibly gifted!

These boys are incredible- and smart.
Definitely in the minority when it comes to ballet.
So many girls!
They'll never be lacking for a dance partner in life.
Remember Patrick Swayze.:)

Our own Juliet.
Shakespeare, how could you?
What a tortured young lady.
My oldest delivered.
She showed such angst and emotion to the crowd.
"Tell me not friar, that thou speakest of this!"

It was a challenge and she rocked it.

The hair.
Oh, my.
My friend, Tonya, did not disappoint.
I took so many pictures in hopes that I could some day duplicate this.

Sweet memories caught with a camera.

I hope they stay friends forever...


Tristan said...

there is just way too much beauty in this post!
and honestly..i was thinking about starting t-as preschool in july..haha..i just know we will have so much fun! why wait?!

mady looks so grown up..she is so so beautiful..i hope she never doubts that,i know shes getting to that "age" when that starts to happen.

katie is a living doll,i am sure..ha!!

Robin Beck said...

What a great post, loved EVERY single picture. But I must tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mandy's hair! I like the "little" bit of make up she is wearing too. :)

Yarni Gras! said...

these are the posts I adore....you a re so good with putting words to photos and weaving a wonderful story.
Your girls are lovely as always....I hope you all enjoy summer :-)

Tristan said...

spelt MANDY wrong..ha..just noticed,boo!