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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dragon Sushi, Brownie Trifle and WHAT IS THAT?

Dragon Sushi with my girl.  Super duper fun.  Even though I shook my bottle of Orangina and it fizzed all over me.  Then I proceeded to drop my chopsticks and my soy sauce packets flew away.  It didn't matter, though, cause we were together and laughed about the whole deal.  

She's good for my heart and my soul. 

After sushi it was off to my MAMMOGRAM.
Truly, they're no big deal.
The ladies understand what you're going through and are beyond cool about it.  They get you in and out fast.

And it doesn't hurt.  So, go.  Get one.  IF you're in that "season of life".  (Who coined that phrase?!  HATE IT.)

*Bonus: The tops are comfy!  I wanted to take mine home.*

Here's proof that I was smiling at the end.  Took this picture just for you guys.
Cause I love ya. ;)

Katie saw the One Direction movie twice this weekend.  All the girls (and the moms) loved it!  I can't wait to go see it.  It's all about being young and having fun, guys.  You can't bottle it but you can experience it.  Count me in!

(Game of One Direction Truth or Dare below.)

We had company over last night.  Chatted about books, movies and UPS employees losing insurance for their spouses. What next??

We also enjoyed Brownie Trifle, Blackberry Cobbler, way too much of this and homemade ice cream.

Weight Watchers starts tomorrow.

I do love setting up for company.  Notice I didn't use the words "cleaning" or "cooking".  To be honest, I'm a bit of a hermit, and that's ok.  Socializing isn't my specialty, although I always have a good time once the prep work is complete.  

I guess I'm a Bilbo Baggins at heart.;)

Rain came through today and it was ahhhhhhsome.  The temps got into the 70's so we celebrated with Pumpkin Spice frappaccinos at Starbucks!

Yes, I was all smiles until I took my nightly walk.

I was chatting with the Lord, marveling at the stars and happily rolling along UNTIL...

I met Charlotte's ginormous cousin with 5 million babies on her back.  That sucker was HUGE!  She seriously stopped me in my tracks.  At this very moment she's out there walking around in the grass.  In my neighborhood.  With all those babies.  It's just TOO MUCH TO TAKE.

But there's more.

Having survived that ordeal I pulled up my big girl pants and proceeded to keep walking.
And then I saw a line of tar in the road- about 3 feet long.

Except it wasn't tar.  And it had a head.

It was a SNAKE!  In my neighborhood.

I don't mind snakes.  Normally.  They're kind of cool.  In a cage.  On TV.

But not when they're roaming around looking for a place to chill out.

In my neighborhood.

Winter can't come soon enough.


Tristan said...

aahhh..come on winter!! haha. I just had to kill a charlotte with babies because she was blocking my window..and TOO close to my house..lol.

How is it that you look beautiful in anything..lol..crazy!

So fun with your girls!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, oh no, it sounds like you had a 'Walk Of Terror' !!!!! You are so brave :)I loved your fun pictures, hope Katie enjoyed her double dose of One Direction. Lindsay x

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Yes winter come! We have this HUGE spider web right in our front window by the door. But I can't bring myself to tear it down. Partly because I'm afraid the spider may retaliate and partly because we love to watch it catch things. I don't get out much either! Snakes on the other hand....still having nightmares about the one that came for dinner. I think I see it everywhere!