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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the ferry to tofino and a gloriously rainy drive

Years ago, when Katie was about 3, we told her we were going to be riding a ferry.  She was so excited!  I mean *really* excited.  She almost couldn't sleep the night before the event.

Bless her heart, when we arrived at the ferry she was extremely disappointed.  She thought we were going to be riding a "fairy"!  Sweet pea.

Years later, she was pretty excited to be riding the Queen of Alberni.  We all were!  It was large, with lots to explore, comfortable seating, a gift shop and a cafeteria that offered, among other things, hot tea, ice cream and french fries served with vinegar and ketchup.  Giddy up!

Before we embarked, we visited the gift shops and refreshments off board.  There was a bit of everything- tempting baked goods...

and even Bubble Tea!  The tapioca balls at the bottom of the drink are such fun.

I got a kick out of the top of the Happy Planet drinks.  Very happy!:)  The Cherry Raspberry sounds yummy- a bit of tart and sweet.

There was creamy gelato, too, but the cool temperatures had me heading straight to the Starbucks.  (The Salted Caramel was calling my name.)

Once we got on board we headed straight outside.  It was cold and so very windy- but exhilarating!  I decided that I wanted to ride the ferry every day.  It's over a 2 hour trip but think of all the dreaming and reading you could do on the way.  

Even a trip to the restroom was fun.  We were on vacation!

Back outside for more pictures.  You certainly can't miss my tennis shoes, can you?

It began to rain a bit so we ventured inside.  More pictures were taken and french fries were nibbled on.  (Check out my sister on the right.  Sorry sis!  lol)

Time to get back in the car and head to Tofino!  It's about a 4 hour drive.  Just enough time to grab a sandwich at Subway and stop for a few pictures along the highway.  It was just too gorgeous not to stop.  Lush green everywhere you looked.  And rain, glorious rain, that made us don our coats and winter hats.  I was deliriously happy.

Snow in the distance and low clouds as we climbed higher through the mountains.

Waterfalls were a common sight.  See the one in the picture (below) on the mountain?

I was intrigued by the tree that had fallen below.  It was enormous!  I wonder what the story is...

The sound of the water as it tumbled along was a rumbling roar.  Almost like the ocean, but angrier.  

In my opinion, God spent a bit more time decorating the Pacific Northwest.  It's almost too lovely to be real.

Mandy has declared Canada to be her second home.

I'm right there with you, sweetie.


April said...

Your trip sounds so amazing and fun, Lori! I've always wanted to go to Canada...such beauty!

Rho said...

Hey Lori!

The pictures are beautiful! I loved the ones where you guys are near the mountains. Tell Mandy to stay in all her life here in America and that she can't stay in Canada because she will bump into Justin Bieber. Ha ha ha! The gelato and the other food plus drinks made me hungry and thirsty. Ha ha! I hope you spend more fun in Tofino.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, I can see why Mandy likes Canada so much, the last picture of her there is wonderful, her smiles says it all. I loved the pictures of the roaring river and the beautiful scenery. The ferry trip looked fun too, having yummy goodies to eat certainly makes the time pass quicker on journeys like these, so glad they had hot tea :) Lindsay x

Tristan said...

I have been waiting on this..hehe. Love the pics!! The waterfalls..sooo pretty!!!!

looks like a fabulous time!

Mary Ann Potter said...

You are so right about the Pacific Northwest's "decorations." Gorgeous photos! (My brother and his family live in Anacortes, WA, and they travel northward regularly.)

Jeanne said...

You cannot imagine how much I totally love your photos and story of this adventure. We have spent much time in Montanna and Canada.... and these shots remind me of some of the best times of my life. Have to ask you about this ferry. Where was the point of origin.... Seattle, Vancouver?? We are going to be up in this area in just 2 weeks and this looks like a possibility. Great adventure and bet you will be back at this place sometime!

Lisa @ Adventures of a Dream Catcher said...

I've only been to Eastern Canada, but it's on my bucket list to explore western parts, too. Your pics did not disappoint! Thanks for linking up with us today. :)

M.K. said...

Wow! Those photos are gorgeous! I felt my heart turning over, pining for the mountains. What a great trip! I love riding the ferry here too --always a treat!