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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Starbucks, Avon, Oceans and Sheila Sells Seashells

Sheila Sells Seashells... My new favorite! It's going in the shop tomorrow....

1/2 price frappuccinno's this week at Starbucks! Oh my goodness! They even have non-fat ones! How is this possible?! Run out and try one (or three!) this week between 3 and 5!

I am a huge fan of Bare Minerals. Love their mineral powder. But, there is a new name in town. Avon. Yes, I said Avon! They have a mineral powder that rivals Bare Minerals and it is much less expensive! I bought some this weekend- on promotion 2 for $10. MmmHmmm.... I do believe that Bare Minerals is (ahem) $25.

Hope you had the most amazing Mother's Day, dear friends! We went to Carrabba's for lunch and then out to see this movie! It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend that you go and see it!


Tristan said...

Our little theatre won't get that movie probably..lol..but I want to see it!!

Sherri said...

Lori, Happy belated Mother's Day!! I love that bracelet-it is gorgeous! I want to see the Ocean movie too. It is playing at our theater across the street. One night before I leave for NJ I want to see it with John. I really enjoyed your post before this one too! Have a great day!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Sheila Sells Seashells is gorgeous. You really have an amazing gift for putting together your jewelry and the names you give them are wonderful.
I have never had a frappuccinno! Is it a bit like a cappucinno?
Glad you enjoyed Mothers Day.
Thanks for the film clip. It looks a great film. Hope we get it over here.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

The bracelet is beautiful!
1/2 price Frappacino's? I still have some money on my Starbucks gift card I got for Christmas!
Anna's class went and saw the Oceans movie, "Mommy, you have to see it," she told me. OK, when it comes out on video!
I actually use the Avon stuff--but my color is all wrong! I wish I would have gone with the transparent one. Otherwise I love it.

Eileen said...

That Disney movie looks amazing and non-fat frappaccinos sound amazing!

I used to use Bare Minerals all the time, but now my old skin is too wrinkled and the powder just magnifies the under eye wrinkles! Maybe Avon would be better, I'll give it a try, although I'm finding as I get older less make up is actually better!

Your seashell bracelet is beautiful!
And it sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Love to you,

Valerie said...

Love the seashell bracelet! So pretty :)
I've heard good things about Avon's minerals line of makeup...
Glad you had a good Mother's Day.

Wendy said...

Love your header picture!! I've been out of the blog-world for a bit...is it new?

Your bracelet is beautiful. I love the seashell addition!

We'll have to see that movie. It's getting great reviews from all of my friends.

Anonymous said...

I love all your creations and wonderful tips on bargains and movies;) Glad you're back!