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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ballet, Archery and the Duggars

We have our windows open at night now.
Chilly and wonderful.
Loving my Vanilla Caramel Lattes in my polka
dot mug.:)

Katie and her ballet buddies...

I can't get over how this looks so effortless.

Amanda is enjoying her archery classes. It's amazing how
important form is and how much time they spend working on it.

The target is 25 feet away.

Mandy popped the balloon in the center and was so proud.
I almost did a cartwheel (in my mind)!

The classes are on a farm so there are goats, chickens, etc.
to feed and visit. Fun, until the chiggers and mosquitos come
out for a visit.

Bonfire birthday party. It was cold outside which was perfect!


Katie and the birthday boy, Joshua. They played Nancy Drew together. Katie was Nancy and Joshua was Ned, her

We met the Duggars tonight! Michelle is an absolute sweetheart.
I offered to take a few pictures of her and her little ones and then
she was kind enough take a picture with us. (I HATE this picture
of me, but I had to show you!)

When we got to the restaurant I saw there was a reservation for
TLC. 60 people. I was so puzzled. Who was TLC? The mystery
was solved once the Duggar family showed up!

They were filming an episode for their TV show! Fran- Is the
young man in red Kaitlin's young man?:)

Michelle told us it was Amy's (her niece) birthday and they
were there to celebrate. Originally it was supposed to be a
Girls' Night Out but then they found out it was Kid's Eat Free
this month.:)

Some of the children were working the equipment like the
cameras and microphones. It was so fun to see! If you are
a fan, be watching to see Amy's birthday celebration on TLC!


Artfulife said...

So fun!

Lindsay-ann said...

It must have been so exciting meeting Michelle Duggar. I really wish I could have been there too. Mandy looks such a pro with her archery and she popped the balloon too. That's such a great achievement. Please tell her well done from us. I always enjoy seeing Katie do her ballet. She looks adorable. I'm just leaving for work so I'll e-mail you later.

jennykate77 said...

That's so cool!!! I bet they were super sweet...they seem that way on the show. I love watching the Duggars! They amaze me with all their organization and togetherness.

LOvE the pics! So cute that Katie and Joshua were playing Nancy Drew. :) She looks like a lovely and talented ballerina!

I tried to shoot a bow once and it's really hard!

Your girls are so cute!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Tristan said...

she is just the perfect ballerina!!!

good job mandy!!!!

OFF clips are wonderful...i haven't gotten a bug bite all summer!

I'm so jealous..hehe..how awesome to meet the duggars,i just love them!!

Molly said...

LOve the ballet and archery! I thought it was cute they played Nancy Drew together and he was Ned, thats just too cute :) Can't believe you met the Duggars, how cool. And you looked great in the picture :)
~Molly P

Jill said...

How fun!!! and I love that picture of you! You are a doll!- as always!!

Jill said...

I can't believe you met the Duggars! How funny is that! I want to get Kennedy in ballet lessons, but around here there is only one place that gives them and they are so expensive that I can't bring myself to do it. Also, it must be a little warmer at night where you are...I've had my heat on at night for the last week!

Darlene said...

Our weather has been GORGEOUS too and yes, windows are open!!! I absolutely LOVE open windows with a cool breeze blowing through.

Katie is a natural. Beautiful form on her ballet! I bet the archery class is really fun. How neat that she hit the balloon!

How COOL to meet the Duggars. I watch that show sometimes in awe and just can't even imagine. They seem like perfect parents and all of the kids are so wonderful and well mannered.

Elise said...

Ooh exciting, Lori!! So now you can say hello when you see Michelle in Hobby Lobby. Y'all'll be besties!! Hahaha!!!

Robin Beck said...

Hi there!

Wow the girls really have some amazing talent. I shoot a compound bow and have to tell you-It's quite the art. Not everyone can do it, Mandy really has some great talent!

Katie really looks like she is a prima ballerina! So cute! She has great form too!

I've only watched the Duggars a couple of times. I did go on their site to see what homeschooling curriculum they use.
I think it's so cool you got to see them!

Have a great weekend little sister,


Susan said...

I always love how my girls make those ballet positions look like their legs were made to bend that way! And I had to look twice to see if Katie was wearing pointe shoes or not. WOW! She's on her toes isn't she?

And how fun meeting the Duggars. Definitely an experience to see in person!

Jen said...

Ballet and archery--so much fun! One of my boys did archery for awhile. It isn't easy!

The Duggars' show is the only one I watch regularly. It's so great to have one show we can always watch together as a family without having to worry (except for the commercials). What a thrill to meet Michelle!

Sherri said...

Katie and the other little ballerinas looks so cute :)! Mandy looks in great form doing her archery! Sounds like you had a great time at the restaurant with all the things going on!

Unknown said...

I thought Katie was in toe shoes for a minute...but then I realized she is on her own toes! Wow...! She looks beautiful! Mandy looks very professtional at the achery...I used to love that when I went to camp.



Fran. said...

Oh Lori, Kaitlin is going to kill me!! LOL She hasn't seen the pics yet, but I told her!! How cool, you have your arm around Michelle!! She is so pretty! Katie sure is a natural at ballet!! You guys have been up to some awesome things and fun!! I love the bathroom pics!! You're pretty too!! XO Fran.

Jerelene said...

What fun! I love their show! It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun...ballet, archery..It's so funny that Mandy is doing archery. Sam is wanting to do that too!
Hugs!! Jerelene