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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We are currently studying World War II and reading the Molly,
an American Girl, books. What a amazing time in history! I can
do without the rationing, air raid drills, and Hitler, but so much
of it sounds utterly romantic!

I know it's not reality, but I LOVED this show! Homefront,
with Kyle Chandler, was a night time "soap" that I waited for
every week. The music, the romance, the red lipstick! Jeff was
such a good sport to watch it with me once we got married.

Sure wish they would release this series on DVD.

Anyone else remember?


Robin Beck said...

Hey there,

I don't remember Homefront but it sure sounds good.

My grandpa fought in WWII~ He was actually shot during this war. He lived thru his injuries and received a purple heart. He never talked about the war, never held a gun again and wouldn't watch anything on TV that had war scenes. But during that time he also married the prettiest girl around~♥ Oh the romance!

Have fun!

Love you,

theUngourmet said...

I loved that show too! Wasn't the main character's name Boone or something? I was sad when it ended.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
The Molly book sounds really interesting. I googled her to find out more. I love her outfit and beret! If you are Molly then I am her best friend Emily!
I don't think we had that show.

Molly said...

Oh. My. Word! You are reading one of my fave books! I loved reading this series when I was little. My granny fought in the Korean war as a first leutinant army nurse and we would watch MASH late at night while she would sip coffee and I had some cake and milk. Oh the days to be little again :)
~Molly P

Jill said...

Seems like the older I get, the more interested I am in history. I just think it's so fascinating!

Fran. said...

I don't remember that show either. But I love history alot. We have a WWII vet at our church. He was a fighter-pilot. He is still very handsome and remarried one of the prettiest older ladies at my church. Great couple. That book looks like one of my favorite kind of books to read. XO Fran.

sue's mom said...

Hi, Lori...
I loved this show, too and when it was canceled I was so sad. They don't make them like that anymore!!