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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

13 and Counting....

There is a teenager at my house now.

I don't know how this happened.
(Darling Gandalf plushie from Heather.)

13 years old! I'm still stuck at 16. My Mom is 30.
Someone pressed the fast forward button.

My sweet Amanda. You will always be my Mandy Moo.
She had her first massage today. A whole hour.
She loved it.
I'm still too scared to "share" myself with a stranger.

Then, she had a manicure done. Deep purple and blue.
It looks amazing on her.
Think blue would work for me? My toes need some

Mandy and Katie had pedicures together.:)

My precious sweetheart. You are growing too fast. You are kind, loving, and caring. You make me laugh like no one else can! I love that you enjoy a good book and a great movie. Nothing scares you. You are always up for an adventure.
You rock, even when you ask me to call you Yuki.:)
Happiest birthday to you.


Peggy said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful "little girl"!

Tristan said...

She's so pretty!
wow, 13!!!
ahhh..slow down..haha!
Happy Birhtday Amanda..is she still wanting to be called her real name..hehe!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!



Lindsay-ann said...

Loved seeing the pictures of Amanda enjoying her birthday. The spa day looked so much fun. Deep purple and blue is an excellent choice of colors. Her nails must look great. Love the Gandalf plushie too.

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday to your "new" teenager!! They do grow up so fast Lori-treasure these days!!

michelle edwards joy said...

Sweet Mandy!! Lori..you should try a massage...they are heavenly! We will be up next week keeping my neices for 3 days. Maybe we can get together. I will have a truckful of girls. Miss you.

jennykate77 said...

Happiest Birthday to her!!! They grow up TOO fast! Sounds like she had a fabulous day fit for a teenager! :)

April said...

This was so sweet, Lori! What a beautiful daughter you have (2, I mean!). Sure looks like she had an amazing birthday celebration...one she'll remember forever, I'm sure!

Robin Beck said...

Happy Birthday Yuki!
Looks like such a great day was had by all!
I can't believe you of all people have a teenager! You must of had her when you were 10! :)

Great pics little sis!

Fran. said...

Oh Happy Birthday Mandy!! I know how your heart feels Lori! But always they will be our little girls!! Loved the picture of your getaway! And good for you and your family for taking time together!! Such a pretty place. Keep us posted on Mady's message in a bottle! Love, Fran. XO

Jerelene said...

What a beautiful young lady! I can see why you are so proud :) Sam turned 13 the end of Sept. Time sure flies doesn't it? I hope Mandy had a wonderful birthday!!
Love, Jerelene

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Happy birthday to Mandy!
I've never had a massage myself--don't like people touching me! LOL!
Looks like you guys had a perfectly wonderful day!

Yarni Gras! said...

what a wonderful day for a lovely lady! Happy Birthday!!!