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Thursday, December 15, 2011

To Do Lists, Random Explosions and a Phone Interview

Christmas has finally arrived at my house.

           If it weren't for my little sweeties I don't think
       it would have happened.

                              I am exhausted.
               But, on the bright side, my tooth is 
               HAPPY!  Which makes me VERY 
               I wish I could hug all you precious
               friends that prayed for me.
               God heard every prayer.  Thank you 
               for caring.

           We are taking a break from school to really 
     enjoy the holidays.
     My To Do list has prevented us from having 
     much fun.
     Today things will be different.
     We are working on a NEW (and improved!)
     To Do list!

                    Today we are going to visit the animal 
          shelter (a tradition) to give the animals 
          some treats.
          Then, we will drive through Einstein 
          Bagels for Happy Hour!

                           Then, we are putting on our jammies 
              and BAKING!
                           I can't wait.

                        This weekend will be fabulously intense.
            My little dancer will be performing in the
            Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet.
            The audition took 1 1/2 hours.
            Some children showed up with head shots 
            attached to their applications??
            Two days later they called to say she was 
                        Is it possible that I am more excited than 
            she is?:)

                The Moscow Ballet is a HUGE deal for our 
        little town.
        Katie was interviewed for an article in the 
        paper yesterday.
        They even asked for a head shot. (there is a 
        theme here)
                              Oh my stars!

                My mother in law is coming this weekend.
        There is stuff EVERYWHERE. (These pics 
        are strategically placed.)
                       Maybe she won't notice?

                    If you need a little help in the gift 
         department, take a peek...

                             Seven Swans a Swimming bracelet...

                                  Sugarplum Dreams bracelet...

                               Let it Snow bracelet...

      How are you holding up with your holiday


Tina said...

I haven't been reading blogs much lately..I'm so far behind...but I am happy to hear that you are feeling better! Prayers work!
You decor is beautiful. Mine is all up...I've posted a few pictures. I suppose I need to do a home tour like others do.
Enjoy your holidays!
Merry Christmas!

April said...

You enjoy your time off to have FUN, Lori! I think that's so important this time of year, otherwise, it's easy to get snowed under. So happy that your girlie landed a role with the Moscow Ballet...what an honor! I bet you're over-the-moon! Glad to know your tooth is "all better"...now you can enjoy Christmas to the max! Have a super duper day!

michelle edwards joy said...

Your home is beautiful as always! I am so glad your tooth is feeling better. Please post a link for Katie's pic in the paper. Enjoy your day my friend.

Sheri said...

It all looks great! Hope you and your family are enjoying the Holiday Season. xoxoxoxo

Jill said...

All looks so pretty and festive!!! glad you are feeling better! SO excited for Katie!!- we will be thinking of ya'll!- wish we could be there! and "happy baking"!!- I finally finished all the teacher gifts (21!)- I think I ate as much as I baked! ;)
Many Blessings!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your tree looks gorgeous. I recognized a few things and that made me smile :)
I hope you are having a lovely day today. I am imagining you baking now in your jammies! It's the last day at work/school for Jessica and I tomorrow. I have so much to do before my MIL arrives next week. Why is it that we have to go mad tidying before our MIL's come? It's just something I always do before her visits. She must think it's always really tidy here! hahahaha
Can't wait to hear all about Katie this weekend. You must be so excited and very very proud.

The Blogger said...

I love the idea with the ornaments in the class jars...very cute!

Tristan said...

your decor is so classy..love it!

it is a BIG deal..haha..I'm excited to here all about it! Get that girl some head shots ;)