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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

big 11.

big 11.
a night to remember!

props were created.

happy birthday, boo!

daddy acted as chauffeur.
and butler.
and chef.
and all around awesome guy.;)

the rooms were booked.
embassy suites rocks!

the door was decorated.

room was stocked.
had to fill those 14 hours!

balloons functioned as place cards.

loved the polka dots!

once the girls arrived we headed for the pool!

such sweethearts.


picnic with chik fil a nuggets & fruit. (did you know their fruit tray comes with caramel sauce?  yum.)
daddy went to taco bell for our little vegetarian friend and also bought gluten free nuggets for our celiac friend.  (thanks, sweetie.)

i hated how my phone pics were all yellow.  so i tried it with the flash.

there.  much better.
i think i saw eyes like this in a horror movie once.

but seriously, it was such a fun evening!

one of my favorite group shots.

bathing beauties.

my favorite moment captured.
this picture says it all.:)

remember those props?
time to put them to good use!

it's all about the photo bomb these days...

katie did an amazing job with the masks.
glitter and feathers are every girl's dream!

yep, they played headbandz, too.

i shut down the show at 3 am.
didn't want the girls to miss the amazing breakfast in the morning!

i highly recommend slumber parties at the embassy suites.
my advice:
-reserve adjoining rooms early
-attend the manager's reception (free fun snacks and drinks) 5:30-7:30
-request empty rooms on either side of you- just in case
-request extra towels to be brought to room (you'll need them)
-arrive early to decorate rooms and relax
-have fun!


Anonymous said...

Tell her I said Happy Birthday... she's so lucky to have you as a momma! xoxo

Lindsay-ann said...

Katie's party looks every bit as fabulous as I imagined it would Lori. The pictures are all amazing, such memories to treasure:) Lindsay x

Tristan said...

how fun!!! looks like a fabulous party!

April said...

Looks like such a fun and unforgettable birthday! :)

Robin Beck said...

Wow! Where did time go? 11!!!! ?
Looks like it was a fantastic birthday-Great job mom and dad!
Such a wonderful idea having it at a hotel! Looks like so much fun!