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Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Paris Connection by Anna Alden-Tirrill- A Homeschool Moms Dream!

My Thoughts:

Homeschooling, art thieves, danger and true friendship all take place in My Paris Connection!  It's a mystery/adventure involving Annie, a 13 year old, living in Paris with her parents.  While touring Le Louvre museum, she accidentally sees something she's not supposed to and her life is plunged into danger!  Throughout the whole story, Annie and her family trust in the Lord for his guidance and protection.

My Paris Connection isn't just a story, it's also a quick tour of Paris, a mini course on the French language as well as a Bible study.  It's a homeschool moms dream!  I enjoyed the mystery and the relationship that Annie had with her parents.  At the beginning we find out that Annie, a polite and thoughtful young lady, is adopted and feels quite special as her parents "chose" her.  I loved this.  I also appreciated the educational aspect of the book- the tour of Paris and the introduction of French words.  There are pictures on every page so the story is engaging even for younger children that aren't quite reading yet.  The art thieves are intimidating and cunning which kept my daughter and I engaged.  We wanted to know what was going to happen to Annie!  What made the book shine is the faith that Annie and her parents have in God.  The Bible is quoted often, "Lord, You've promised to keep us in perfect peace when we trust in You" (Isaiah 26:3) and God reigns supreme!  But what happens when an on-line friend is not who they pretend to be?  The game of cat and mouse kept me guessing!  You'll have to read this book to see what happens after Annie gets kidnapped!

My Paris Connection is one in a series of five books.  It's similar to the American Girl series except Annie is homeschooled (my 10 year loved this!) and the stories are focused around God.  The pictures aren't the best quality but it didn't distract us from the story line which was enjoyable and exciting.  I'd recommend the books for ages 7-12.  They would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

*I was given this book from White Cottage Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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Anonymous said...

We read several of the Annie's Adventure Series and loved them all.
Highly recommended to young girls - it reminded me of the Nancy Drew series I read when I was a teen - which although neutral, was great. These are even better for having a clear, positive Christian message and appeals for the fact that the girl is homeschooled so she can get her homework done and then take off to solve the mysteries that keep coming her way!