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Friday, May 9, 2014

memories- old and new

On the way back to the ferry, we stopped for a few pictures.

Which turned into a bit of an adventure.  You see, my dad spotted some pussy willows- just a bit out of reach.  So my sweetie disappeared for a few minutes...

but then returned with treasure in hand!  It was so cute to see the joy on my dad's face. :)  (These two are trouble, let me tell you.  They've shared quite a few laughs over the years!)

We were on our way to celebrate my Nana's 100th birthday and my Dad knew how much she loved pussy willows.  She adores life's little pleasures which is just precious. 

Back on the ferry, but this time the weather was sunny and delightful.  Still quite breezy!

On our drive to British Columbia we stopped for a few more pictures.  We couldn't help ourselves!  There was beauty everywhere.

We stopped at True Grain Bread a few times while we were in Summerland.  It's charming and the baked goods are absolutely delicious.  They grind their own flour and sell local honey, preserves and even tea.

I wanted to go there every morning.  The people were so warm and welcoming...  

The bike and baskets filled with bread were such a charming accent to the entrance!

Speaking of warm and welcoming people, here's a look at my Uncle Chuck.  One of the most incredible men I have ever known.  He's a retired RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman) and a kind, crazy, loving, intelligent man with a huge heart for the Lord.  So blessed to be related to him!  Showing off his fabulous green tennis shoes here.  They looked incredible next to my hot pink ones!;)

The view from our room at the Summerland Waterfront resort.  The rooms were cozy with fireplaces, fully stocked kitchens and comfy beds. Once again, the people were so very nice.

Another view from our window.  My aunt and uncle brought the tulips as a welcome gift to us.  They were a lovely surprise.

One afternoon we took a walk by the old creek where my dad grew up.  I remember walking on the rocks, eating plums freshly picked off the trees and once even running away from a swarm of angry bees!  Memories I'll always treasure although I don't want to repeat the bee incident.;)

It was good to get out and stretch our legs...

Here are all the hiking girls together.  The guys seem to have run off somewhere!

It was wonderful making new memories.


Mary Ann Potter said...

What a blessedly special time! New memories. A sweet post, so nice to read this morning.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, thanks for sharing your wonderful memories. I loved seeing your Dad and Jeff up to a new adventure! Everyone seems to be enjoying the trip so much and the scenery is just stunning. Lindsay x

Rho said...

Hey Lori~

I'd love to go on one of your super duper cool and amazing trips with you all but I know that you guys need your family time too. I am always excited to read your posts about your adventures! Happy late Mother's Day!


Robin Beck said...

Great post Lori-I laughed about the pussy willows! When I was in Alaska hiking with 3 burley mountain men (Tim being one of them)...They were all carrying packs that weighed more than me. They were talking about outdoorsy men things and about bears when I perked up pointed my finger and said, "PUSSY WILLOWS!" They were growing everywhere!
The cutest thing happened-The guys headed to the willows and started picking them for me, without me even asking! Then of course they had to get their "man cards" back so they went back to talking about bears! I brought the willows home with me and I love them!

Tristan said...

I just love this post!!!!! <3

Laura Lane said...

Loved this post! Such beautiful sights and such a beautiful family. I could just tell by looking at those guys' faces that they were trouble. Giggle!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

M.K. said...

What a lovely time! I enjoyed the photos, and esp. your description of the bakery. Reminds me of the bakery in my parents' little town. We love to stop there. Happy birthday to your Nana! 100 years is amazing. Sounds like you have wonderful folks in your family.