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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


   I received the most wonderful package from my dear friend and swap partner, Joy!   She even thought of my girls!  Look at the precious birdie notebooks she made for them...

   The darling birdie notepad (that I have had my eyes on at Target!) and the sweet stamps!  Oh my goodness, look at the yummy M&M's, too!

   Mandy has been working on her writing and I do believe this will be her new writing notebook.  She loves it!

   Everything, and I mean everything that Joy creates is amazing and so, well...  joyful!   Look at this precious little peep!  I am in LOVE!  Where do you get your ideas Joy??  I think you were born with a heart full of love and the gift of spreading happiness to all you know.:)

   Ooh, this just makes me giddy!  My own "L"- framed!  I think I may even start collecting them!

   A gorgeous birdie bookmark!!

      I think this is the cutest birdhouse I have EVER seen!  Thank you for sharing, Joy.  I know you wanted to keep it for yourself.:)

   Check out the darling green and white pin!  Joy makes them so go and check out her shop!
   BUTTONS!  My favorite!

   When I first opened this I let out the loudest squeal of delight!  I LOVE it, Joy!  And I adore the sweet tag: "Birds of a Feather, You and Me."  Sweetie, you are such a treasure.:)

   Do you see what I see???  The biggest ball of YUM!!  Yes, even Snookie the cat is in love with it!!  Joy, you must make these YUMMIES for your shop!!

   Pink and green- pure LOVE!  Joy, this book is so lovely.  Thank you so much.

   And last, but certainly not least Joy wrote me the most thoughtful and lovely letter.  That, my friends, was a precious gift in itself...  I will treasure it.

   Look at Joy's attention to detail.  Not only is she a one of kind, super fantastic friend, she is also one of the most creative and lovely people I know.  Stop by her blog and you will see what I mean.  Thank you so much, Sweetie.  I have sweet lovelies from you all over my house and I do think of you often and smile.:)

   And speaking of more joy!  The winner of my birdie swap giveaway is MISSY!  Congratulations, Sweetie Tweetie!  I will send your surprise to you ASAP!:)


Allyson said...

How incredible. I love it ALL (especially the pink and green album!)

fairychildheirlooms said...

wow! Joy sure did make you some beautiful things! and imagine my surprise to find out that I won your giveaway!!! you are so sweet! you know how much this brightened my day, especially with how I've been having a hard time lately. Thank you so much Lori!
:) Missy

Artfulife said...

So nice Lori!

Daisigirl said...

That wreath is really cute! (Of course, it's all cute!):0)

Jes said...

What a FUN and beautiful package Joy sent you! :)

Sorry I haven't emailed you, friend...LOTS going on. I'll share soon. :)

Lots of love!

Polka Dot Moon said...

She is a super talented gal! I love her blog, she's full of inspiration!!
What a fun swap this was Lori :)

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

MY goodness GOODNESS!!! I LOVE everything Joy made you! That bird in a nest picture has got to be my FAVORITE!!! You lucky, lucky GIRL!!

Elise said...

If I hadn't gotten such a fabulous package from Heidi, I'd be so green with envy!! That is great!! Now, I am gonna have to have a "talk" with Joy about that framed birdie!!

Tangee said...

It's all SO gorgeous. It's sweet! Love the ball of fluff!

jennykate77 said...

You got TONS of FABULOUS stuff!! I love it all...so cute, so springy!

Amy said...

Wow! Oh Wow! How wonderful!