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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Passport on a Plate

I found the neatest book at the library and it is now on my Wish List! It's called Passport on a Plate and it is by Diane Simone Vezza. It is a children's cookbook that has recipes from countries all over the world. Mandy got to choose first and she wanted to visit India. We learned that you greet people in India by saying "Namaste" (nah-mus-tay) which means "hello" and you eat with the fingers of your right hand because the left hand is considered unclean. Mandy and I made Tandoori Chicken which was delicious and also Rice Pudding with Cardamom which was also very good. (Cardamom is pricey- $10 for a little bottle) We also enjoyed toasted pita bread which is similar to flat Indian bread and fruit salad. Katie wore her Princess Jasmine costume and Mandy wore many bangle bracelets and sandals. The girls did this on their own as they were very excited about our dining adventure! We ate on the floor while sitting on pillows. Our next stop is Italy!

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