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Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm a Big Girl:)

   Yes, I am officially a "Big Girl", as my younger sister, Amy, told me on the phone.  She cracks me up!  Love you, Sweetie!  Yesterday I turned 40!  Woohoo!
   I celebrated the day with my big Sweetie and my two little sweeties and they spoiled me, let me tell you!  I was even able to sneak away for a bit and see "Twilight"!!  I LOVED it.  The main characters did an amazing job!

   My parents sent Jeff and I the Wii Fit for our birthdays!  Too fun!  I really like the hula hoop and heading the soccer ball, but can't seem to cross the tightrope.  What am I doing wrong??  Sue- I'm even attempting yoga!

   Jeff and the girls got me a Starbucks gift card as they know I love their Shaken Lemonade Iced Tea and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates.  It's now burning a hole in my wallet.:) 

   And, oh my goodness, they also gave me a Border's gift card!  
   And look at this birthday cake from Coldstone Creamery!!  It's Cookies and Cream and it is FABULOUS!  Yes, the Oreos are dipped in chocolate. We still have almost half a cake so feel free to stop by and I'll share some with you.:)

   Have you smelled the new fragrances by Gwen Stefanie (sp?)?  She is not my favorite person, but she makes the yummiest perfume!  The bottles look like little dolls and I am in love with the fragrance named for her- "G".  Light and sweet.  Thanks Sweetie and my little dolls.:)

   They bought the perfume at Sephora and were given some of this delicious smelling "Bath and Shower Bubbles"as it was my birthday.  It's called Vanilla Cupcake but it smells like french vanilla, warm toasted almond, sweet honey and buttermilk.  YOU need some, too.  If you join their "Beauty Insider" club you get fun perks like this.  Have you joined?  It's free and fun and you can sign up on-line!  
   They also got me a subscription to Paula Deen's magazine!  Just what I wanted!  Love it!

   I had my birthday lunch at Carrabba's and it was delicious, let me tell you.  Have you ever had their Insalada Johnny Rocco?  It's mixed greens with roasted red pepper and warm scallops and shrimp on top with the most amazing vinagrette dressing.  Run, run, I say!  You must taste this salad!  
   Cutie #1 and #2...

   Me and Cutie #3...

   I want to celebrate again, tomorrow.  Can I??


Tristan said...

I say you deserve another day of celebration..why not?

You JUST seen Twilight, oh.my...I would have done croaked and fell over..lol. I have now read ALL the books..I am offically a SAGA LOVER! I have Twilight on Dvd..shhh..I can't tell you how, but my daddy knows a guy ..that knows a guy, that felt sorry for me..and asked if there was anything he could do for me, dad said "well..if you could find twilight on dvd..that should do it.." They sure did...lol..I've watched it 5 times!

Heather said...

What a wonderful way to spend your day! Love the pics of you with your family.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a special day you had!! In December, I, too, joined that special "40" club. Your tips on where to dine and things to do are just as you describe! Now, I'll check out some of those wonderful gifts for maybe Valentine's Day/Mother's Day?! Have many more birthday-like days in this new year!

Lindsay-ann said...

Sounds like you had a great day with all your sweeties. Glad you enjoyed the film and your Wii Fit. I had read in a magazine about those Gwen Stefani perfume dolls and thought they sounded fun. They have just arrived over here (we are always behind the times).
Thanks for showing your beautiful and happy family birthday pictures. Your cake looks amazing, please save some for me!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great day! Happy Birthday!

Elise said...

You can celebrate all year, Lori!!
Looks like a wonderful day!! I am going to leave your page open next time my husband comes to the computer...Wow, I am loving all your gifties!!
Happy Birthday, again!!

Darlene said...

I say party all week!!!! Sounds like you had a FABULOUS birthday. Wasn't Twilight great?!? I have seen it twice and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD...I know I am addicted (and at MY age)!

Isn't the Wii fit fun? We got it on Saturday and hula hooping and ski jumping are my favorites. I get so cracked up at myself with the soccer ball heading that I can't even function for laughing so hard. I can't cross the tightrope either. If I do make it to the chomping thingy when I jump I fall off......

I would love to come over and have some of that yummy looking cake! Great pictures of all of you!

Lori said...

I should have read this entry before I commented. Happy, Happy Birthday. Wish I had your address and I would send another Birthday greeting (I thought I had it since I've ordered braclets from you). I'll be turning 50 this year (double ugh), but spending the time with family & friends and enjoying good treats (Cold Stone is the best) is what makes it all worth it.

Ruth said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day. From what I see it looks like it was fabulous. So many great goodies!!

We went to see Twilight and we liked it. My dd has read all the books. She loves them.

Love the Wii!! Great gift cards, too. Starbucks and Borders, it doesn't get much better.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Lori!! Of course you can celebrate another day....or two...or three!!! Everything looks wonderful and I'm glad you had fun!


Robin Beck said...

You guys are too cute! I love the photos of all the cuties!
It looks like you made out really well for your birthday Lori...Welcome to 40!
So I read the second Twilight book in one evening (yes, one evening) I am so hooked on them. I didn't have the third book last night so I read the last half of the second one AGAIN! I just bought the 3rd one today and will probably start on it tonight. Thank you Lori for getting me back into reading-It's been more then 20 years since I was a major bookaholic! I can't believe how much I really missed reading!
I'm glad you had such a special day-No one deserved it more!

mysteryhistorymom said...


Jules said...

Happy happy day to you! Your family is amazing and treated you like the queen you are. Love the new look of the blog too by the way!

www.AForestFrolic.typepad.com said...

OMG Lori, Happy Birthday! I'm sorry, I haven't been blog hopping in a few days...how dare me ;-) Sounds like you had a great time...woo hoo for 40 years young!! :-)

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!! I think you should celebrate all year!!

joyfullness said...

What in the world!!
How did I miss your special day!!
Happy Happy Special day...amazing friend!! You should celebrate again ...it is your Birthday MONTH right!!???
Love you..
Happy Birthday...and Everyday!!

Kemma said...

OH! Happy birthday.
I have also never been able to cross the tight-rope. I think it's rigged.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are finally in the club with your older sisters! LOL.

By all accounts it looks like you had a super fabulous birthday! Most importantly, you know you are loved by so many. XO

Michie said...

Happy Belated Birthday from another January baby! :)