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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Help Me! It's a Giveaway!

   I love a giveaway.  Don't you?  Here's how this one is going to work.  I need your help.  1) Go to my shop and tell me what your favorite item is.  Don't just tell me you like my button bracelets- I want to know which one. 2) Then, look at the ones I have listed on this post and let me know which one is your favorite there.  So, you need to tell me your 2 favorites for an entry in my giveaway. 3)Then, if you're feeling extra adventurous, give me an idea for a new piece of jewelry.  Something you have been dreaming of....  This will get you 3 extra entries in my giveaway!  4) If you post about my giveaway on your blog you will get 5 additional entries!  5)  Become a follower, and you will get another entry!  If you do all these things, you will have a total of 10 entries!!

Girls' Weekend Bracelet
   I guess you are wondering what you will win??:)  A custom made piece of jewelry- just for YOU!:)

You are my Sunshine

Happiness Button Bracelet

Seashell Pink Button Bracelet

Summer Flowers Bracelet

Cotton Candy Button Bracelet

Pink and Green Preppy Bracelet

Smiling Susie Bracelet

Ocean Waves Button Bracelet

Golden Sands Bracelet

Classic Black and White

Peppermint Candy Bracelet

Rainbow Button Necklace and Bracelet Set

    Oh, I just had my 49th sale in my shop!  Whoever makes the next purchase (#50!) will get a special prize!  Yippee!!

   My giveaway will end next Sunday, June 14th...


Doodle Bugs said...

the initial with the bird is cute!!

the rainbow button necklace is my favorite on your blog.

And I am a follower...

:o) Happy Giveaway!!

Unknown said...

Hey there sweetie! A fabulous giveaway..YAY!

I like the white linen bracelet and love the golden sands too.

I put your awesome giveaway on my blog!

Luv you tootz

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
1) I like my bird necklace which I wear all the time! My second favorite is the White Linen and Pearl bracelet.
2) The Golden Sands bracelet because it reminds me of my trip to Florida.
3) Something similar to what you showed it your recent blue, white and green post (the bracelet with shells, starfish etc). Or a dolphin bracelet would be nice with blue beads/buttons and a dolphin.
4) I posted about it.
Congratulations on your 49th sale.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Lovely giveaway Lori!!!

Hard to choose!!

I think that this is beautiful White Linen and Pearl Button Bracelet and this hits my fancy and my sweet tooth Cotton Candy Button Bracelet :)

I was going to suggest button necklaces, but how about some button dangle earrings. How about beaded anklet for the summer?

All your goodies are adorable!

April said...

What a fun giveaway, Lori! Oh, there's so much to choose from! U love the Gold Sands Bracelet from your post!

April said...

From your shop, I love the 4th of July Fireworks bracelet...SO CUTE!

April said...

I am definitely a follower of yours! :)

Unknown said...

The Golden Sands bracelet, and the Creme Brulee bracelet are my favorites! I do like the pink seashell bracelet too. Your pieces are lovely.

Tristan said...

Roses and Champagne Bracelet- in shop fav.

Girls weekend- post fav.

I will post on my blog!!

WOO HOO!! for a giveaway!!

Robin Beck said...

1) My favorite in your shop right now is the Cherries Jubilee

2) Ocean waves~! though seashell pink and pink and green preppy come in close second!

3) Turquoise necklace, bracelets and rings are totally popular right now.

4) I'll post about this tomorrow or the next day (just did a Noelle post)

5) This is a first for me!

Unknown said...

You know my fave is the anne of green gables bracelet.
BTW, when making those posies, interfacing is a material that you can iron on to material to make it "sturdier".
It is inexpensive and they sell it at all fabric shops, including Wal-Mart.

Suburban prep said...

I like on your blog the Anne of Green Gables bracelet.

In your shop I like the Roses & Champagne bracelet best.

Thank you.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Okay Lori, you've made it really hard to chose from this post. I love Sunshine, happiness and the cotton candy...but I guess if I have to chose one, it'll be cotton candy because of those snazzy beads and fun shapes. And my fav from your shop is the cherries jubilee. I just love your jewelry, I swear one of these days I've got to get a button bracelet from ya.

Jamie :)

Valerie said...

Wow! What cute stuff! I've never seen these before, what a clever idea!

1. Creme Brulee & Roses and Champagne are my faves.

2. Seashell Pink Button Bracelet.

3. Anything in pink and brown. I love that color combination.

5. Done :)

cakegirl said...

I am in love with the white linen and pearls bracelet in your etsy shop. On your blog I am having a difficult time deciding between the yellow bracelet and the blue and green combination (of course!)

You could try making a charm bracelet using old metals from things like h.s. band competitions, old dog rabie shot tags, dog license tags, etc.

Connie said...

Fun things to choose from. It's really hard to choose! What cute ideas you have for bracelets.
I like the 4th of July and the Golden Sands.

E beth said...

I saw the giveaway sign and was tickled pink! I did a blog post about the giveaway, I couldn't get into Etsy but I have purchased the plaid button bracelet and love it. I also think that initials are cute to put on bracelets And miniature flowers also. I'm a follower my blog is called gingham hearts & pink paisley. My favorite bracelet on your blog is the classic black and white and preppy green and pink.


Jo said...

My favorite white linen and pearl button bracelet!

I like he happiness button bracelet!

itsonlyjc AT hotmail.com

Darlene said...

In your shop I love the white linen & pearl bracelet...beautiful!

On the post I love the classic black & white bracelet (cause Lexi's school colors are black/white & I tend to wear a lot of it!). I also LOVE the golden sands bracelet and think that would be a gorgeous ankle bracelet.

I am also a follower!! Hope you are having a great day Lori!

Jill said...

LOVE the "white linen and pearl" bracelet in the shop! :) and I love the "Sunshine" and "Happiness" bracelets on this post- I know that's two- I just couldn't decide!- and I am a follower! :)
Thanks for the sweet give-away!

Georgia Girl said...

Oh I love all these cute goodies...but love the Susie bracelet and the classic black and white...You know with this added weight on me I try to wear black to get the slimmer look...lol...just not doing to well at making it work...oh well I do love anything black though with one added color.

Rooster is cute also....

Tammy said...

From your store I like the necklace charm.

From this post I like the black and white bracelet.

I put your giveaway on my blog here.http://tammyisblessed.blogspot.com/2009/06/giveaways.html

Holly Campbell said...

So many choices, so many beautiful creations. . .I think my favorites are the Creme Brulee, and the Golden Sands (with Ocean Waves close behind!) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, I found you through Reluctant Entertainers. . .

Yarni Gras! said...

I like the custom necklace...as you KNOW since I already got one :-)
One THIS post, I love the summer bracelet b/c the colors remind me of the movie MAMA MIA!

I think I already am a follower and I will make SURE to post about this on my blog! Whew! Did I win? huh? heeheehee

Holly Campbell said...

(I am now a follower too. . .) Thanks!

Fran. said...

Hi, Lori In your shop I love the precious altered Art domino Pendant Necklas, I like it because of the black & white picture of the little girl, the crystals and pearls are in my favorite colors. I also like the Golden Sands bracelet from your blog post, because of the colors. I think more altered art jewerly with vintage or personal black and white pictures would be great. Wish I had my blog going but right now I follow you on my own.Cool ideal for a giveaway! Take care, Fran.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

You have some of the yummiest jewelry! LOVE it...

I loved the Roses and Champagne bracelet in your store and the Summer Flowers and Golden Sands from your post..

I'd love what seems to be called a caterpillar bracelet. It's really a BUSY little thing....


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love the Precious Altered Art Domino Pendant Necklace and the Summer Flowers Bracelet.
I am a follower and have posted about this giveaway on my blog.
I think you should make some more altered art domino pendants with roses or with hearts.

Great giveaway!

Hugs :)


amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What a great giveaway! my favorite in the shop would have to be watermelon crush--so cute! Then the other would be cotton candy!

Anonymous said...

I really like Golden Sands and on your Etsy site the 4th of July one is super cute. I want you to make New Moon inspired jewelry in anticipation for the movie release. I will feature you on my blog this week. BTW, thanks for your sweet note to me. I think this will be a good week to come back to our blog world. I miss you guys! As you know, I am a big follower of you because you are in my circle of friends. XO

April said...

Hi Lori!
I just posted about your giveaway on my blog this morning! Enjoy your Tuesday!

Mikki said...

Hi I came over from Angi's blog.
I love the Cherries Jubilee button bracelet at your Etsy shop. So cute!~~from this post, I like them all really, but I think I like the Pink & Green Preppy button bracelet the most.
Great giveaway!

Mikki said...

Just linked to your giveaway on my blog.

jennykate77 said...

Ok, so my favorite off of your Etsy page is the Anne of Green Gables bracelet...because I LOVE everything about Anee of Green Gables. One your page, I love the Girls' Weekend bracelet...I love the colors and just the fact that it's fun and funky...plus, I'm a huge fan of Girls' Weekends.

I'm already a follower.

I tried to think of a fun new idea, but you already have so many cute things. I was going to suggest a button necklace, but I see you already have one. :)

Amanda K said...

1. Cherries Jubilee Button Bracelet- Red and Pink

2.Seashell Pink Button Bracelet

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

1. If I have to choose, I choose from your shop the bluegreen button bracelet "Girls Weekend". Lately my eyes are attracted to that beautiful blue-green combo.

2. As for choosing from your post, now you ask too, too much. How can I pick one favourite when I could love and enjoy so many! Okay, I'd absolutely love wearing your Cotton Candy, followed on the heels by Summer Flowers and Golden Sands.

3. I'll be posting your site, and though I'm not actually signed into 'favourites' with Blogger, you are part of my sidebar daily favourites.

Great Grandma Lin said...

Great ideas, love your creative bracelets. My favorites:
1. Girls weekend
2. Seashell pink button
3. Idea-mix in some letters on a bracelet to form a name. I have two grand daughters who would love a bracelet HEATHER and EMILEE.

Trish said...

I love the reflection of you necklace! My favorite bracelet in this post is the Happiness Button Bracelet. All of those bright colors are doing for me ;) Hmm... a suggestion for a new piece of jewelry... how about a charm bracelet similiar in style to the "reflection" necklace!

:) Trish

Unknown said...

My favorite bracelet in your Etsy shop is Anne of Green Gables bracelet and my favorite bracelet listed on your blog would be Cotton Candy Button Bracelet. I would love to see more of the bracelet with buttons and charms together with wild colors like with a Mexican Hertiage.

Best Wishes,

Kelli Lusk

dkuroiwa said...

Okay...so YarniGras sent me here and boy am I glad!!
In your Etsy...I do love them all but the Creme Brulee is my fav.

On your blog....the SeaShell Pink.

A new idea? hmmm...I love Denim and Pearls...if there's a way you could incorporate those two ideas together, I think the result would be beautiful!!

Your stuff is beautiful!! I'm glad I came!!

Anonymous said...

1. Creme Brulee Button Bracelet
from your shop... 2. from your blog the golden sands one... 3. OOH hmm a new piece, maybe something with gold ... um buttons a couple of charms and some coordinating color gems.. hmmm and then the same with silver with some white gems..OOH and how about something with some ribbon the sheer ribbon tied in the faux bow. HMMMM And then how about for children lol some whimsical and fun... like glittery almost like your cotton candy one.

I am going to post about this now and I am already a follower 80)

Sherri said...

Hi Lori! Thanks for doing this giveaway.

I really like the Custom Reflection of You Necklace Charm Initial Crystal on your blog.

I love the Ocean Wave's bracelet-it is so divine!!

I have posted your giveaway on my blog (http://sherrisreadingjubilee.blogspot.com.

For a jewelry idea how about some bird charm earrings with some natural stones or Swarovski crystals?

I love your stuff! Thanks!

Beverlydru said...

Hi! Very appealing blog. I LOVE jewelry. In your shop, my favorite is the "Reflection of You" Necklace. I love the one that's pictured... but if you had a muscical note or symbol I would probably choose that instead of the bird. On your blog post I love the golden sands bracelet. Thanks for the chance to win.

Elise said...

Love the custom necklace!! Also, Bermuda Honeymoon is so cute!! The one I like on your post would be Ocean Waves. Already follow you, cause you're awesome!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

O.K. I love the "Cotton Candy" bracelet!!! (If I don't win, can I buy it? Email me-)

sphinx63 said...

My favorite in your etsy shop is the Watermelon and Orange Crush button Bracelet. Love it! My favorite in this post is Pink and Green Preppy Bracelet. Thanks!

sphinxcw at aol dot com

Artfulife said...

Ok, I think you'd already know what my favorite in your shop is, The Anne of Green Gables bracelet. I love the colors & the movies. My favorite that you have made recently isn't included in the photos, it would have to be the Nancy Drew bracelet. Love everything about it.

I would love to see a set of 4 seasonal bracelets that you could give as a gift. A bracelet for every season all in one package.

I'll blog about this and I follow! Goody! Maybe I'll be the lucky winner.


"Garden Party" is my favorite from your shop because of the fabulous color combo! "You Are My Sunshine" is my fave from your post. :o)

Joy, via Sandals & Daisies


How about a button brooch?


cherry said...

Hopefully 50 is the lucky number! I LOVE the creme brulee AND the anne of green gables (one of my all time fave book series) and on your blog...I love the combo of the green/pink..preppy bracelet?? How about one button framed in a pendant...like the beautiful tortise shell buttons...under a micro slide..?? love that vintagey feel to those. OR button earrings could be cute..if they don't hang to low. I am also a HUGE Fane of Harpers island...I was bummed because my son had his end of the school year over night party and I forgt Sat. night it was on. Do me a favor and email me what happened when you get time....I have been wondering about Henry myself..

Angie said...

Oh wow...well, from the post, I love the golden sands bracelet a lot..and from your shop I love pretty much everything...lol..but I was really drawn to the altered art domino pendant necklace..something about the little girl's face..just sweet!

A few ideas for jewelry...I love vintage...so maybe vintage game pieces...old scrabble tiles, Clue weapons pieces, dice, bingo markers, little Life cars...etc...or maybe something made from vintage silverware? Old spoons and forks are so cool and would look great made into pendants...vintage button earrings and brooches would be neat, too.....hope that helps...

Oh, and I am a long-time follower cause I just adore you..:-)

Hugs ~ Angie

Carol Lynn said...

Golden Sands, Seashell Pink Button Bracelet and Ocean Waves Button Bracelet are my favs but each and every one of them are so lovely!
Congrats on your success and thank you so much!
Carol Lynn

Anonymous said...

I love the pearl earrings in your shop
I love the sands of time bracelet here
I would love to see a pearl/crystal earring/necklace set (in whites)
I'm blogging about it right now (@ fairychildheirlooms.blogspot.com ...my blog for giveaways)
and I follow you :)

she dreams big! said...

OK - here goes -- 1. my favorite on the post is the pink & green preppy bracelet, 2. the reflection of you necklace charm initial crystal is my favorite in your shop, 3. how about making some 'jewelry' for a lampshade or a vase - that would be so cute! - and 4. I am now a follower! Let's see, that is 6 entries! Sign me up! uffda_68787@yahoo.com


I would love to win and that is my birthday so maybe i'll get lucky!!

Shawnee said...

I already know I love your handiwork (with my to-die-for Nancy Drew bracelet). Hope I win another Lori-original!!!

I really like sparklies, so the Anne of Green Gables strikes my fancy, but the Roses and Champagne bracelet is so pretty too ... I need a combo!!


Darlee said...

Okay... my faves were 'Anne of Green Gables' from your shop and the 'Summer Flower Bracelet' on your blog.

And, I'll become a follower just because I love buttons!

Molly said...

I love the golden sands bracelet and the 4th of july bracelet!!! I made a few button bracelets for a lucheon my stepmomma was hosting and used shrinky dink paper incorporated into the bracelet and it was a it at the lucheon. All you do is print out a picture on the paper cut and place in the oven and watch it shrink. That would make a cool and unique bracelet! Have a great weekend!!!
~MOlly P

Pam @ Frippery said...

The Bermuda Honeymoon! Love those sherberty colors. Classic black and white because, well it's classic. I am going to follow as well. Plus, how about an ice storm bracelet, white, silver and clear with a few crystals?

Lorie said...

I love the firework button bracelet from your shot (I love dressing up in red white and blue for the fourth) and from this post the pink seashell is beautiful!

Lorie said...

I think you should put a watch face on some of your button bracelets!!

Jerelene said...

I love the summer flowers and truly scrumptious bracelets! Some earrings like those with the pretty little beads would be gorgeous. (I also thought the Rosalie Pearl earrings were so pretty!) I loved all the pretties that you made!!! Thanks for reminding me about your giveaway :)
Love, Jerelene

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

The Golden Sands bracelet and the Creme Brulee bracelet are my favorites...
but I love them all.....

I am a follower.....

Heather said...

Love the Rosalie Pearl and Silver earrings from your shop.

From this post, my fave is the Golden Sands Bracelet.

Thanks for doing this giveaway. You have such a generous spirit!..hope i made it in time!