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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday! He is the most loving, generous, goofy, handsome, chocolate loving, geo-caching addicted, Mafia War fan, Vince Flynn reader and he is all mine.:) He is the best hugger and a wonderful listener, tolerates chick movies with me, holds my hand just the right way, gives me his coat when I am cold, makes the best pancakes AND chocolate chip cookies, cleans the litter box (even though he is not crazy about our cat), fills up my car with gas so I don't have to and loves me even though I am often "Wendy Worrier" and "Connie Crafter" (till the wee hours of the morning). I am so blessed that God chose him just for me... Happy Birthday Sweetie!

*Did I mention that he gave me something gorgeous in a little blue box for Christmas?*:) :) :) :) :)


Tristan said...

awe..happy birthday!!

and um..post pics of this little blue box goodness you speak of :)

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Happy belated birthday!
A little blue box for Christmas--WOW!

Lindsay-ann said...

We hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday.
Sending much love to you today.
Lindsay, Tim & Jessica

Kim's Treasures said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!

My daughter and her fiance are addicted to geocaching too! In fact, he proprosed at a geocache!

Enjoy your day celebrating!!!

The Four Week Vegan said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!

Eileen said...

You are Blessed!

Happy Birthday to your husband (I think he's Blessed too!).
Happy New Year!

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :) :) And you go...a wee blue box...oh how I love me some Tiffany's, tee hee! And Happy New Year Lori.

Jamie :)

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie!!!...oooooh! can't wait to hear about the "little blue box!" :) today is our anniversary...I don't think my gift will fit in a box this year! :)
Lots to catch-up sweet friend...next week!
Many Blessings!

Kylie said...

I've gotta know what was IN the little blue box! Do tell!

I love the part about the litter box - my hubby does the same thing! And he feeds the cat - even though he likes her the least out of everyone in our family!

Yarni Gras! said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!!

Darlene said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your dear Hubby!!!! I am so thrilled we met through blogging and I look forward to 2010 with you. Happy New Year!!!♥

Polka Dot Moon said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby and fellow Capricorn! I know somebody who has a birthday coming up ;)


theUngourmet said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweetie! Happy New Year too! :D

Anonymous said...

I am so very HAPPY you were given a blue box with the white ribbon or was it red? Sometimes, at Christmas, they use red. Oh how I love Tiffany's. Savor is just a good word, sweet one.