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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When There is No Miracle by Robert L. Wise- Finding Hope in Pain and Suffering

My Thoughts:

Christmas time is often a time of joy and family, gifts and memory making, but it can also be a time of sadness and loneliness. So many are dealing with grief, illness and (seemingly) unanswered prayers. I found great comfort in this thoughtful and godly book by Robert L. Wise. It does indeed help one "find hope in pain and suffering". First and foremost, rest in the fact that God is ALWAYS in control. 

"Sooner or later every one of us will find the fabric of our lives torn and violently ripped. As the frayed edges stand exposed, our whole being may feel naked and annihilated. Nevertheless we can rest with a newfound confidence. The Master Weaver will not only mend the tear but reweave the fabric into an even more meaningful design. What He does not will, He still uses." (When There is No Miracle p. 78)

"While our hardest moments are not necessarily sent by God, He still picks them up and uses them in new and constructive patterns." Cancer, birth defects, human suffering and even death  are not wasted. The evil one does exist and is "constantly attempting to win the spiritual warfare raging in the world." But we never need to fear. The final battle at Calvary was fought and won by God!

The author uses examples from his life- dark times where he had to lean heavily on the Lord. Robert L. Wise understands suffering. Cancer, depression, divorce, brokenness, loss of faith, tragedy and more are all spoken here. Stories of people he has counseled and prayed for. And there are also accounts of healing, miracles and divine intervention. This is a beautiful book of hope and comfort, one that would provide peace to those in times of darkness.

When There Is No Miracle (Revised and Expanded) 

Finding Hope in Pain and Suffering 

Times of profound darkness don't always require miracles to find the light.

Sooner or later, dark days obscure everyone's lives. Heartbreak is impartial. Tragedies, global or personal, strike every day, and people discover they have been swept out to sea by waves of destruction, anxiety, and catastrophe. How can Christians who believe in divine intervention understand the times when the lights go out and no miracle of deliverance appears? 

Robert Wise has more than a passing relationship with tragedy. He has not only lost loved ones; he has been on the front lines of the mayhem that seems to increase every year. Wise was the first clergyman on the scene following the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City. He ministered to frightened people after 9/11. He has encountered countless people experiencing tragedy, all of them asking the same question: Why do the innocent suffer? 

When There Is No Miracle imparts the lessons Wise has learned in the midst of his own questioning. Each chapter encourages those who struggle, and demonstrates unexpected positive benefits of pain and suffering. Wise shares the experiences of those he has met in his ministry who faced times that seemed to be devoid of God's involvement. Yet, as Wise shows here, God is always behind the scenes, working for the ultimate good, even when we can't understand how. In this succinct volume, Christians can find new hope, learn to reconcile their faith with times of emptiness, and discover a new depth of meaning in the crucifixion of Christ. 

*I was given a copy of this encouraging and enlightening book by Kregel. This is my honest opinion.*

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