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Thursday, May 2, 2013

He chose me

We've been busy, busy girls at our house lately.

A friend asked Mandy (last week) if she were going to attend the spring formal.

I thought that was just for teenagers?
 You know, big kids?

My girls are still little.

The answer is No.
Mandy is no longer little.
(and Katie is not far behind)

At some point she grew up.
Ready or not.

So, we've been rushing to find the right dress, shoes, accessories. etc.

It's been a lot of fun, but finding the right dress was WORK.
Next year we'll start in January.

Even though we were in a major time crunch, I wanted to make her dreams come true.
You know what I'm talking about moms.
(We have to be fairy godmothers sometimes.:))

I prayed about it.
I did!

50+ dresses later.... there it was.  The dress that looked like Cinderella.
(Who knew Mandy had that in mind?)

A dear friend sewed on some straps for us and she was ready.
It suits Mandy (my tomboy!).  Sparkles and all.

It's supposed to snow on Friday.
In May??

But for today, the sun was shining and my girls were smiling.

We primped, curled, and dressed.
Then, we jumped in the car, took a few wrong turns (called Daddy for help) and eventually arrived at the gardens.

A hundred pictures later, we jumped back in the car, sped home, changed for ballet and were off again.

It's been like that all week.

I'm so blessed to be able to be a make-up artist, hairdresser, personal shopper, chauffeur, photographer, teacher and social coordinator for my girls.

It can be exhausting, but God chose me for the job.

Thank you, Lord.

My Sunshine.
My Sparkle.

Love you so.


Tristan said...


My goodness, mandy looks soo much older,wow! so pretty, and i looove the dress with straps, good call!

hope she had a great time!!

and katie, my goodness. How did she get so big!!

Anonymous said...

Can I say "perfect" on this blog :)
The dress is perfect for Mandy!!! It matches her beautiful eyes. Katie is lovely, also. They are both beautiful girls with or without the gorgeous dresses! So thankful you shared these photos with us.
Love and prayers,

Yarni Gras! said...

What lovely girls....and yes, they grow up tooooooo fast!

Jerelene said...

Beautiful girls! Mandy definately looked like Cinderella :-) Love the pictures...Love you dear friend! Jerelene