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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Did I mention that I was also going to the ball?

Bought the highest heels of my life and a sparkly dress to match.
I felt quite pretty but I think I should've taken a class on walking in them.

All joking aside, I'm lucky I made it out alive.
Those suckers were high.
(The things we do to feel glamorous, ladies)

The snow did come, as predicted, so we took pictures at a hotel.
It was... unique.

The models were so pretty that they would've looked lovely anywhere.:)

Yes, that's a penguin.
See, told you it was an interesting place.
He matched Mandy's outfit quite well!

The formal was lovely.
Lots of pretty lights and fabulous music.

The food was cold but no one cared.

The girls dresses were gorgeous!

I was crazy with my camera.
(Had to kick off my shoes for this!)

Cupid Shuffle
Cha Cha Slide- they were all there.

YMCA, too!

There was even a bit of swing dancing and waltzing...

and Limbo!

(Picture in the parking lot)

I had doubts about my ability to do hair and make-up, but thankfully everything turned out beautifully.

I wasn't allowed to attend dances growing up (think Footloose here) as my parents wanted to protect me.  Things can get a bit out of hand...

Many years later, I think my parents are fine with the whole idea now.
I know they would've loved this evening as it was filled with well behaved teenagers (a few wilder than others, which only added to the fun), loud, heart pumping music, and, of course, lots of raging hormones. (Oh, to be young again!)

And God was there, too.

We prayed before dinner, guidelines were established (in a fun but clear way) and the evening began.

It was absolutely fabulous and I'm so glad I was there to be a part of it.
I wanted to dance soooooo badly but that may be better suited for the privacy of my home.

Well, perhaps I will at the winter formal.;)


Sheri said...

Just beautiful~ what a fun night. Your sweet girls is beautiful and looking so old :( wahhh do they have to grow up so fast? xo

Lindsay-ann said...

I didn't know you did Mandy's hair and makeup too. I am impressed Lori. She really looked beautiful. I enjoyed seeing all the fun pictures from the dance. I didn't know Jeff could do the limbo!!!!LOL. Only joking. Lindsay x

April said...

Looks like you ladies had such a wonderful and memorable night...love both of your dresses! You both looked so pretty!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Looks like so much FUN! You and Mandy look beautiful!

Posted pics of Caleb from prom today. Check out his shoes--even if they aren't pink! ;)

val said...

What lovely photos of you all!

Tristan said...

that looked sooo funny!! you both look just lovely :)

and..you should dance at winter formal,for sure..maybe there will be more snow..ahaha!

Jerelene said...

You both looked beautiful! Your shoes were gorgeous!.....but I still want to see Mandy's :-) I'm glad you and your hubby were able to go and enjoy this beautiful and fun time with her :-) What fun memories you were making! Your family is blessed to have you! Hugs dear friend!