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Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Journey Part 2

Once we were in Florida we hit the ground running.
Well, at least one of us did.

Mandy headed out with my Dad for a day of adventure and zip lining!
It was a dream come true.  (See the dirt on her knees?  She had to complete the intense obstacle first.  No problem for my adventure girl!)

Katie took a plunge in my parent's pool.  It was almost impossible to believe that friends at home were stuck in a deep freeze!  

There she flies!  

The Wilderness Lodge awaited us.  And Buzz Lightyear, too!

These two spun themselves silly!

Goofing around outside Belle's Castle.  

The balloons at Disney call to me.  The way the light hits them is magical.

Back at the Wilderness Lodge.  It has a reputation for being the most beautiful Disney hotel at Christmas.  Can't wait to show you around...

The Wilderness Lodge club level.  Glorious indulgences.  I want to live there.

It's a tradition. (smile)


"I want to see the lanterns." (Rapunzel)

Watching the fireworks while we rode back to the hotel.  

It took 9 hours to put up the Christmas tree.  The teepee ornaments light up like there's a fire burning inside.  Oh, Disney, how do you do it?? 

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!  We invited my parents to join us and it really felt like Christmas.  Cold- and there was even "snow" falling!

Sparkly Minnie ears.  I wanted a pair- almost.

Which ears would you choose?

Belle is my favorite princess (we both have a thing for books) but I'm drawn to the Ariel shirts.  That gorgeous red hair...

This picture.  It fills my heart up all the way.

I heard these two had staring contests during the tea cup ride.  They sure were smiling and giggling a lot.:)

Buzz Lightyear is one of our favorite rides.  Love our reactions caught on camera.  I'm gripping the ray gun with all my might while my husband does a Miley Cyrus impersonation.  Nice.

So nice to see them getting along.  Vacations are awesome like that.

A selfie.  Blurred pictures are always kinder. ;)

Can you see the detail on the lights?  Cowboys rustling up cattle.  This is my kind of camping, ladies.

Stunning.  Even better when they upgrade you to a suite (they are normally $1,000 a night!).  We were speechless (almost).  

View from the top floor of the hotel.  It looked like God had taken out his paintbrush...

Mickey's Christmas Party!  See the snow falling?  It even felt cold!  Disney doesn't miss a trick.

There they are!  The party ended at midnight and we didn't intend to miss a second.

We'd never seen the dwarves before at Magic Kingdom!  

Another Ariel shirt that caught my eye!  Almost bought it but knew I wouldn't wear it when I got back home.  It is cute, though, no?

Cinderella's castle was breathtaking.  It was like fairies had sprinkled pixie dust all over it.  I'd like to think that they did.

My parents.  They are too cute!  Even at midnight, when it's close to freezing.  Adore them.

The journey continues...


Robin Beck said...

Oh my goodness!!! Looks like you all had the best time ever!!! Disney sure knows how to do it up-I had no idea! Loved all the pics and am always thrilled to see you in some Miss Beautiful!

Sheri said...

wahhhhh - you came to Florida again? We have to meet one of these visits :) Happy New Year. xoxox

Rho said...

I would definitely go on a trip with you guys! You as a family look like you're always having so much fun traveling. I love all of your photographs on the rides. They look so much fun!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, I have a huge smile on my face after seeing these pictures. Love the one of Katie and Mandy, the one of your parents at the end and the selfie - you look amazing :) Such great pictures, all of them, and such wonderful memories. Awwww Wilderness Lodge, our special place, will never forget our chats up in the Club Level Lounge. Lindsay x

Tristan said...

eeee!!! this helped my disney blues..a bit~!!! that party look sso fun! i really wanted some minnie ears to..lol..but i couldnt bring myself to buy them..lol.