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Thursday, January 16, 2014

God's Not Dead

My heart weeps for those who reject Christ.  Do they believe that this earth is all there is?  I desperately need to believe that there is more.  So much more.

I was naive for the. longest. time.  I truly thought that all my "nice" friends believed as I did.  They were nice, after all, so of course they were Christians!  Duh.  Then one day the light bulb finally turned on...

I mentioned to a "nice" friend that my babysitter (at the time) believed in gods and goddesses. (Mother Earth, Father Sun, Zeus?)  I waited for her to look at me with surprise/disgust/confusion but instead she said,

"I believe in gods and goddesses, too."


Then I discovered that a few other friends rejected the whole idea of God because of either:

a) past church members had been unkind
b) Christians had harshly judged them
c) the Bible didn't "fit"with their lifestyle
d) a loss of a loved one

How heartbreaking that church members can sometimes make people "quit God".  This is SO very wrong.  But It's not God's fault.  He loves us all!

And... He does have rules.  And this is where it gets sticky.

I break the rules.  I sin.  We all do.  So, I don't run around condemning all my "nice" (but lost) friends.

But that doesn't mean that I agree that "it's all good."  

If I condone sin when I know where it could lead, how I can call myself a friend??  Fire and brimstone is REAL.  I want my friends and loved ones joining the celebration in heaven!  So, like it or not, I'm praying for all my friends (Christian or not) because it certainly can't hurt.  Hey, if you have a minute, would you pray for me, too?

Papa God IS real.  He's alive!  And He's rooting for every one of us. :)


Robin Beck said...

Sadly a lot of Christians are changing and reading the bible to make it adjust to how they want things to be... But what we need to remember is God is the same yesterday, today and forever-He had the bible written the way he wanted it to read and there is no gray~ It's all black and white. Hurt tends to turn people away from God~ Sadly what they don't realize is there is no greater love then the love of God. Nobody can love them the way God does. So praying for our friends / loved ones is crucial! Great post Lori!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Thanks for being brave enough to leave a comment, Robin. I know this is a touchy subject. Your words are so true! You always know exactly what to say, Sis. Love you. Lori

Jennifer said...

I was recently told to leave God out of a conversation and I said, "I don't think so. I tend to bring God into every conversation that I have." It made the person more angry, which made me sad because they were a) family and b)proclaim Christianity. Sad day. This is one movie that I am anxiously awaiting. Thanks for posting the trailer.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jennifer- I love your response to that statement. The Lord is our creator and deserves to be recognized. I'm going to a pre-screening of this movie (can't wait!) and will post a review here. Thanks for your brave comment, dear friend. You inspire me! Lori

Tristan said...

I can not wait to see this!!!

Wendy said...

Your post was such a relevant one concerning how people perceive God...like you I know people who think they are living for God, but have conformed to the world that we live in...thank you for having the courage to write this post...God is the same as He was the day He created the earth and mankind to dwell here...I have family members the same way...thank you for the trailer to this movie, I am looking forward to it coming out...may God richly bless your life...