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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

when life throws you a curve ball

Many years ago, (before kids) I purchased a can of shaving cream.  Wanted to keep my legs nice and smooth, you know.;)  (Now they're lucky if they get attention once a week. sigh.)  Storing it under my sink with other toiletries I carried on with my day.

Not long after, perhaps a few weeks, I heard a loud "POP"!  It sounded like a gun shot! Let me tell you, it caused quite an adrenalin rush!  I had no idea where to look so I peeked outside (That's where most guns live and play- right.  Right??)


But... the earth didn't stop, no one screamed, and I was still alive.  So, once again I carried on.  Later that day, however, I looked under my sink for... something- and there it was.  The culprit.

The metal container of shaving cream had EXPLODED.  Shaving cream was everywhere and the metal?  It had morphed into a jagged weapon vicious enough to star in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Horrible images of me being skewered in the shower came to mind.  Shudder.

We called the company and they sent a rep out to get information.  No apologies, mind you.  My husband told me we received a check some time later. $50.  Hush money.

You know, I forgot about the whole incident until last week...

when my daughters and I stopped at a local donut shop for a treat.

Leaving the parking lot with our sugar laden delights we had big smiles on our faces.  Until they saw it.


I was driving, and thought perhaps they were confused.  A bite mark?  In a donut we just purchased?

Then, later that evening my husband saw a bite- taken out of his donut!  It was reeaaallllyyy sneaky the way it was done.  The bite was taken from the bottom so you couldn't see it when you picked it up or while it was displayed in the case.  Disgusting, to say the very least.

I drove all the way back the next day and showed the manager the donuts.  She wasn't shocked or apologetic.  She just didn't seem to care.  She did, however, send me home with two new donuts.  Unreal.

I contacted the corporate office and was assured they would check into this.  The gentleman was very apologetic, which was refreshing after my metal shave cream container/potentially skewering fiasco, and is going to send us some goodies in the mail, which makes me feel a bit better.

One thing that bothers me is that he said, "These things happen."

Really??  How often??

Public service announcement: In the future, be sure to check your donuts for signs of contamination.  I know I will.  Truly, I love donuts- and always will.  One person's stupidity isn't going to ruin it for me.:)


Mary Ann Potter said...

My goodness. At least you got two more doughnuts. A disturbing little story --- not just because of the bite but because of the manager's attitude. These things do happen, yes, but they shouldn't! I know you're having a great day in spite of it all. Just curious --- were these Krispy Kremes or some other brand?

Tristan said...

This is just ridiculous!!!!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, oh I had no idea a can of shaving cream could explode like that, so scary, glad you were ok. Tim once put a small bottle of beer in the ice making compartment in our fridge to cool it down a bit. He forgot about it and it was in there a long time and it expanded and exploded! There was broken glass embedded in the ice build up and frozen brown sticky mess everywhere!!!! He never did it again. Lindsay x

M.K. said...

Both those examples are shocking, and rather scary. Bites out of donuts? Really? I mean, if you're working at the place, you're allowed to eat the donuts. Why take a bite and then put it in the box, unless you're deliberately trying to weird somebody out. Ugh!!! I hope it wasn't Krispy Kreme!