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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sensational Swap and a Craft for all those Eggs...

    I received the loveliest package from my partner, Michele, in the Color Swap hosted by Jes.  Talk about gorgeous!  I told Michele that my favorite colors were robin's egg blue and chocolate brown, plus she knew that I loved birds and nests.:)  Look at what she created for me!  My favorite item is the gorgeous bird's nest tassel with the vintage rhinestones- breathtaking!

   Precious robin's eggs in the sweetest basket!

   Look at the brown and blue bracelet!  Love it!  Thank you so much, Michele!

   Here is a fun craft for you to try.  It's a great way to use every day items (at least at my house) that may or may not drive you crazy....
These eggs should be at the end, but blogger had other ideas.  This is the end product.  Pretty, no?

   Creating these sparkly eggs involves getting out your trusty glue gun.  What would we do without them?

   Do you have a bunch of these guys lying around?  We have 3, 146.  I counted.  I love stepping on them in the middle of the night.  Don't you?  

   How about these plastic eggs that seem to multiply in storage?  They need a makeover.  Take your trusty glue gun and glue the clear plastic beads to your eggs.  I tried to use the same style of bead and it looked very polished.  That's it.  Lovely in an apothocary jar.  
   Put in your movie rental.  Twilight, perhaps?:)  And then heat up your glue gun.  Good times.  


KKJD1 said...

Very cute idea! Sure brings a great new look to such boring plastic eggs! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Blessings,Karen

Joan said...

I love it! I am doing my very first swap right now and I am hoping that I am going to do my partner justice. I would also be interested in your Nancy Drew swap. I will keep watching for it.
Have a wonderful day!

Darlene said...

What cute things you received in your swap!!!! LOVE them!!! What a great idea for those plastic eggs. I love bling anyway and those turned out great.

Yep, I'll be getting Twilight....can't wait!!

Heidi said...

Hi Lori, What a great idea!!!...These spearkly eggs are gorgeous!!!....Your friend, Heidi XO

Polka Dot Moon said...

What a wonderful swap! Lucky girl :) and your egg makeover is lovely. I will have to try it out.......I think we all have those beads!!

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet package she sent you!

And love that idea for the plastic eggs....we have plenty of those little boogers lying around. ;)

Have a happy day, my friend!

WillowLakeScents said...

Great swap goodies & I love the Easter egg idea!!

Anonymous said...

Those Easter Eggs are awesome! What a great idea. I'm going to feature those on my site today. Stop by if you'd like the accompanying badge!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Your swap goodies are gorgeous. I love the little white bird and all the eggs and nests.
Thanks for sharing your great idea with the plastic eggs and beads. They look great.
Have a lovely weekend.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori
Sorry I forgot to say that I agree with what you said on my blog about wishing we lived closer. I am sure we would have lots of fun crafting and shopping. I am so grateful we have blogging to keep in touch and share our adventures.

Robin Beck said...

Wow Lori,
I almost missed this post...SUPER cute-I really love the eggs ~AND oh so easy, thanks for sharing this wonderful craft!!!!!
I love all the goodies you recieved too! Such a nice swap!

Yarni Gras! said...

TWEET! hmm...I mean SWEET!

theUngourmet said...

Such pretty springy things! Love those eggs!

Elise said...

Wow, you got some pretty things!! Cute eggs!! The ideas are pretty much endless, aren't they??

~ Roxanne said...

I love the egg idea! My hands have healed from my past holiday uses of the glue gun.

Kids Creative Chaos ~ Lora said...

I love those glue gun eggs. I'm featuring them this week. I'll send you the link when the post goes live!