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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Charlie's Angels and Pink Tennis Shoes

These two have never seen "Charlie's Angels" yet the image lives on.
In the days of 3 TV channels, my friends and I used to play Charlie's Angels.
I was always "Kelly" (Jacklyn Smith), of course.  (gorgeous!)
My little sister was stuck being Kate Jackson.  (Everyone knows that pretty angels rule over smart ones.)

Sorry, Amy.

Can you spot the third angel? ;)

Busy preparing for this.
Have you heard George Mueller's story? 

Instead of asking for donations, he and his orphans prayed.
They never went hungry and his orphanages thrived.

But get this- before he became a Christian he was a thief.
He only went to church to poke fun at the members.

Certainly shows that there is hope for everyone!

My first pair of PINK tennis shoes.
I was so excited to break them in!

2 1/2 miles later I found out that "working through the pain" was a bad idea.
I won't go into details but I'm currently walking funny and waiting for things to improve.


I always think of "The Mystery of Lilac Inn" when these beauties appear.
Katie told me that one day she would open a Lilac Inn.
I. cannot. wait.

Perhaps a mystery awaits us.

I just can't say "No" to a pretty cover.
Yesterday, a friend asked me if reviewing books was my part-time job.

What could I say?
I absolutely love being surrounded by the possibility of a new adventure or romance.
Particularly while I'm in my flannel jammies and under a blanket.;)

The weather is below freezing tonight.
Is this what they call an Eskimo Winter?
(just kidding.  I made that up.)

Just looking at these makes me happy.

Mandy started volleyball and it's not as easy as it looks.
I can only do the old school underhand serve.  Do they even teach that anymore?  
I bring along my books and phone while she plays.
(I planned on walking but you heard how that turned out.)

Maybe I can rock my pink shoes next week.

Celebrating at Sonic after Spanish finals.
Everyone say, "Queso!"



Tristan said...

i am still trying to find time to start the alaska book..ahh..i want to read it so bad, lots going on here that i need to fill you in on!

i love hearing all about your book reviews!!

love that you still have lovely cold weather..we are burning up one minute and fine the next crazy!

Jerelene said...

I LOVE your stack of books! Books are awesome :-) I had to chuckle when I saw your comment on serving underhanded..it was the only thing I was even good at when they played volleyball in school. I never could figure the complicated where to move next routine out..and I was horrible at trying to hit balls that seemed to always be aimed at my face...lol I guess you could safely say I was not good at sports...I had my finger everything but broke while playing Dodge all(put me out of commission at playing my violin for a good bit) and was also hit in the face with a fly away basketball at a game at school also. I guess that's OK, where I lacked at sports I made up with music :-) I love those pink shoes..so cute! But if they are hurting you, that's not good. I also love those teacups! They would go perfectly wonderful with that big stack of books! I'm glad to see Mandy having fun with the volleyball. And Spanish? You guys are amazing! Are you doing this at home or at a co-op? And what curriculum are you using? Sam has been interested in learning french. We learned a little when he was younger. It is such a beautiful language :-) Wish we were closer..you would be so fun to hang around with! ((Hugs))

mysteryhistorymom said...

Tristan- You've got a lot going on in your life right now. The time for books will come soon. I can almost see you reading on your front porch during an early morning rain.:) With your cute boots on. <3 Lori

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jerelene- I was not the biggest athlete in school, either, although I did love field hockey! I was on the swim team for a few years but my favorite way to spend my time was with a good book. Surprised?;) Music is not where my talent lies, either, as I took piano for years and can only play one song now. sigh.... You are so talented to be able to play and teach the violin! The girls take Spanish from a college professor who is from Colombia. She teaches only in Spanish- complete immersion. It's a bit intimidating but she makes it fun. Lori