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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cara Box Partner- Amazing Alaska Annalee!

Annalee from Alaska- love. this. girl.
#1-She makes me laugh
 #2- She hikes on glaciers (in AK!)
 #3-Kaiya (her sweet pea Pug)
 #4- She makes Happy Lists! (I'm so going to do this) 

I could go on, and on but I have to tell you this first.  Are you ready?  

She sent me 2- two! boxes of fabulousness in our Cara Box Exchange.  Yes, she really did.
All the way from Alaska!

Funnel Cakes.  Everyone always says they just want a taste.  Yeah, right.  You want it all- every last bite.  Now, thanks to Annalee, I can make them at my house!!!  Please note: If you ring the doorbell I won't answer.  All mine.  

M&M's and popcorn?  Yes, I do believe they are my love language.

Annalee makes me laugh, is adventurous, cooks like the Pioneer Woman AND she crafts, too??  Ah-mazing.  See, told you.

The pennant is for our Family Carnival Night.  All Annalee's idea.  Yes, She is a rock star.  My girls want to adopt her.  Auntie Annalee- sounds good to me.

Super Soakers.  Oh, yeah.  Her note stated: Use different colored food colorings to see who hits the mark the closest.  Winner picks the movie.
Pure genius.

What is this, you may ask.
(It's smoked salmon- from Alaska!)


Thank you so much, Annalee!  You spoiled my whole family!


Unknown said...

Oh my!!! I love it all!! I am so glad that I signed up for August!!!!
I think Auntie Annalee sounds like a wonderful woman!!

Annalee said...

I'm an Aunt! Yeay!!! I had so much fun getting to know you and am SO glad you liked your Cara Box! Remember what I said- there are no manners when it comes to AK Bob Salmon! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

How fun! You got spoiled, in the best way possible!

Tristan said...

WOW!!!! How amazing is she! You totally deserve all these goodies!!

Smoked salmon from Alaska..ahhh..soo good! Sign me up!