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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dig It! Games Mayan Mysteries review- Learning Through Play!

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My Thoughts:

Mysteries and history are two of my favorite things!  I couldn't wait to play Mayan Mysteries by Dig It! Games with my girls. :)  The Mayan Mysteries on-line game ($5.49) and iPad app. ($9.99) were designed for children ages 9 and up, approximate grades 5-9.  Players travel to Central America and join "Team Q" in an attempt to capture the elusive artifact thief Ladrone.  The graphics and music are fabulous (see above trailer) and the activities are truly challenging (I was even stumped a few times!).  My girls loved the "comic book" portions of the game as they were visually engaging and fun.  Learning through play is always the best way and Dig It! Games does it well.  Some of the topics covered in this game are as follows:

-visiting Mayan sites
-"digging up" and analyzing artifacts
-decoding glyphs
-exploring the Mayan calendar
-learning the Mayan math system

and more!

There is quite a bit of reading and answering of questions but it's broken up nicely with games and challenges. At every turn in the game there are opportunities for earning points which brings you closer to catching the thief!  There is also mapping, archaeological digging, searching for clues, matching symbols, etc. I appreciated that the game allows you another chance to answer if your response was incorrect.  This encouraged my girls rather than giving them a sense of failure.  I also liked that it saves your progress and frequently shows your progress in the game. Lots of positive reinforcement.:)  

We're still playing the game and haven't caught Ladrone yet, but we're not giving up!  We love playing detective and traveling through time!  Mayan Mysteries as an exciting supplement to our history lessons.  As I mentioned before, learning through play is the best way!  Would you like to try Mayan Mysteries?  Click here for a free demo!

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*Dig It! games was kind enough to let me try their fabulous game in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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