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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dave Raymond's American History Curriculum- Compass Classroom

My knowledge of history was quite limited before I began homeschooling.  Oh yes, I memorized names and dates in high school (and then promptly forgot them after the test was over) but believed they had nothing to do with me- or so I thought.   

And then I grew up and became a home school mom.
Who absolutely loves history- because I now know that it's so much more than just names and dates.

 I'm excited about Dave Raymond's American History, by Compass Classroom, because it's exciting, engaging- even entertaining- and teaches students (and their parents!) why history is very important and what it has to do with our lives.  

It's the way history should be taught because it makes you THINK.

The above and following pages are examples from my daughter's year long portfolio.  Mr. Raymond encourages "craftsmanship" and "ownership" and for student's to take pride in their work. (It means so much more coming from him than me!)  At the end of the semester, the portfolio will be a textbook of sorts to reinforce what the student has learned.  (This is absolute genius, in my opinion.)

This one semester course (Meso-America to the Constitution) is based on a series of short lectures, followed by reading assignments, questions, writing assignments, and exams.  There is also a Colonial Map project and a Costumed Speech, both explained in the videos.

The 13 lessons are:

Lesson One: Orientation
Lesson Two: The Banner of the Sun: Meso-America
Lesson Three: Brave New World: Early Explorers
Lesson Four: The Colossus of the Empire: The Colonies
Lesson Five: Stability and Change: The Reformational Colonies
Lesson Six: A City Upon a Hill: The Puritans
Lesson Seven: A Foreign War at Home: Wars of Control
Lesson Eight: Grace, the Founder of Liberty: The Great Awakening
Lesson Nine: Fathers of Independence: Adams, Franklin, Witherspoon, and Henry
Lesson Ten: Liberty or Death: The Declaration of Independence
Lesson Eleven: Awesome Providence: The War of Independence I
Lesson Twelve: Awesome Providence: The War of Independence II
Lesson Thirteen: A More Perfect Union: The Constitution

My 15 year old daughter and I watched the videos together.  Dave Raymond is engaging because he sincerely loves history!  He knows what's important and isn't afraid to teach it.  Through Mr. Raymond's lectures, we were truly impressed with how much U.S. history we learned.  The fact that it's taught from a Christian worldview was refreshing and an education in and of itself.  Bravo!  Stunning artwork is featured throughout the lectures along with characters, events, literature, and religious beliefs.  It's created for middle school-high school but I think it would be beneficial for adults, too. 

One other reason I loved this curriculum is the Teacher Guide that's provided.  Dave Raymond walks you through each and every step.  It's almost stress free for parents/teachers and very user friendly for students.  I believe I just heard a huge sigh of relief?;)  

In addition to teaching history, Mr. Raymond also explains:
 -how to take notes
- how to create the portfolio
 -why we study history and much more!

Needless to say, I highly recommend Dave Raymond's U.S. History and plan on finishing the lessons for my daughter's first semester of high school.  I'm looking forward to it!:)

*Want to take a peek for yourself?  Download 2 FREE lessons HERE!*

You can purchase Dave Raymond's American History Part 1 (physical product) for $75.  This includes 4 DVDs and a PDF Student Reader and Teacher's Guide located on the first DVD.  The other option is a digital product (also $75) that has downloadable files for lectures and a downloadable Student Reader and Teacher Guide.  Additionally you can purchase the Online Portal for $125 which includes a moderator and a grader.

*I was given the digital product of this curriculum in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lori, I really need to learn more about American history, Tim is so knowledgeable and I am not! This looks a great curriculum. The portfolio looks great. Lindsay x

Tristan said...

that's is totally the way history should be taught!!

it was my LEAST fav. in school..and it was all the teachers..waah wahh wahh voice that just drove me crazy!!

But I LOVE it...I didn't get to read any of the AG books until I was nearly 14...and was like..LOOVE history..and then I told myself my little girl with LOVE history..we will do fun things together...even if she goes to public school..thats why there are weekends :)

LOVE the way you are teaching your girls!

Sheri said...

Hope your summer is going great :) Miss chatting with you. xo